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Another Day In Control

Yesterday was an excellent day…I was able to stick to my healthy eating style with no trouble, and I’m excited about seeing how well I can do tonight.
My weak spot is reserved for Thai food, and according to Weight Watchers, the choices that I make when eating it are reasonable. This excites me because while I enjoy cheesecake or cupcakes, I don’t crave things like that. I crave pahd thai, beef satay and peanut sauce. Mmmmm.
Tonight I’m going out with friends, and we’re headed to our favorite Thai restaurant. And it makes me SO happy to know that I can enjoy it and leave feeling satisfied without ruining my plans to have a stellar week of healthy eating.
I went to a sports bar last night where I took a little time to make good choices, and I left satisfied there as well.
It makes me happy to know I can do this. And at some point, I think portion sizes and points could become second nature. Using WW’s e-tools is easy to use, and my “Complete Food Companion” (WW’s point book that seems to have everything listed) fits into my pocketbook because it’s small.
It’s only day two, but I’m excited already. Because everyday I eat well, I’m doing something to make my life even better that only I can do. And it feels GREAT to succeed!

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