Emotions Weigh-In

Excited and Anxious

I’m looking forward to going to my regular WW meeting tonight because I am curious to know my current weight. Obviously, I hope I weigh less than I did at my last weigh-in which was over a week ago. Being out of town made it a little more difficult, but I still stayed within my points. I didn’t drink quite as much water, but I got by with a healthy minimum most days.

There’s also the issue of retaining water. If you’re a girl then you understand…for these reasons I’m a little nervous about stepping on the scale. But looking back, I’ve been nervous before every meeting. That gives me a little comfort, but how will I feel if I didn’t lose anything? Or if I gained?

I won’t give up. That’s just not in the cards. I’ll just reevaluate what I’ve eaten, the times I’ve eaten it and either way, I’ll drink more water. Did I do the best I could do this week? I can honestly say that I did with exception of the day of my flight. I ate well, but for obvious reasons, I did not drink as much water that day. Once I’m seated on the plane I do not move.

Over the last week, I made good choices. I tasted things that I once loved only to realize that they’re not as great as I remembered. And I expect to show a loss this week. But just like a child in school who is waiting anxiously for the bell, I’m ready to get to the meeting and find out!

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