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Weight Watchers: Day One

Last night I attended my first WW meeting, and it was outstanding. There were thin people, heavy people and people in between. I will definitely go back next week because I know I will enjoy having an accepting and supportive group with whom I can share my ups and downs.

Here’s what I liked about it:

Immediately upon walking in I met people who were nice to me.
I listened to a lifetime member share awesome recipes for satisfying meals (that I know I can make.)
This particular group had several people in my age range which gives me a little comfort.
I saw people who reached their lifetime goals who still go to meetings for the support they bring in their success.
I found a place where I can be myself…where I didn’t feel like I needed to carry a report on what caused me to show up. Nor did I have to prove myself to anyone before they were willing to accept me as I am. (That was definitely a rare and amazing feeling to have in a room full of strangers.)

Things I didn’t like:

People talked a lot about the unhealthy things they ate and how they craved them. I didn’t fully connect with potato pancake lovers. I have never even eaten one, and now that seems like a good thing. 😉
It was tough to see someone who has reached their goal still feel unhappy about how they look and how hard they have to try, but that’s reality. And I am sure it’s different for anyone. (I would guess that comes and goes regardless of who you are.) She was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l, by the way.

During the meeting, we wrote down an important event that was coming up in our lives…and listed the foods that we would have to have to thoroughly enjoy the event. I chose my birthday party which is still pretty far away, but here’s my list:

1 cup Chicken Pahd Thai (9)
2 skewers Beef Satay and Peanut Sauce (11)
1 regular piece Birthday cake (12)

That meal keeps me under my point value for the day, and if I eat oatmeal for breakfast and a sandwich with veggies for lunch then I should be able to stay within my points plan. If not, WW gives you 35 flex points for the week. You can use these on a bonus day or here and there throughout the week.

The coolest thing I learned at the meeting last night was about curbing portion control. The group leader said to eat the recommended servings of your meal. And if you are still hungry after 15 minutes then decide if you need to eat anymore. So last night I tried it.
I had Chinese takeout — sesame shrimp and brown rice and broccoli. I ate a cup of the shrimp and a cup of brown rice, totaling 14 points with the broccoli. And I definitely could have eaten a little more, but I didn’t. Fifteen minutes later, I am happy to say, that I wasn’t even thinking about eating anymore. Yay! If I had been, I might have eaten a little more of the “filling food” then just deducted it from my points.

It makes sense that one of the reasons WW is so successful is because one doesn’t have to skip things. It’s about moderation and making smarter choices (most of the time.) I would never go on a “diet” that didn’t allow for birthday cake on my birthday (or a friend’s birthday for that matter!) I mean, if you know me, you know I ♥ birthday cake! 🙂

I’m just using WW as a guide to make healthier choices for the most part, and the meetings and e-tools seem to help in that. When I have a tough week, I hope that meetings will be a release for me. It certainly seems to work for others in the group like the woman who sat behind me tonight.

I’m looking forward to making this work for me. I cannot even imagine how far I could go with motivation and support from people facing the same struggles, and no one was condescending. My leader as well one of the other women working there really seemed to believe I can do this. They don’t know it yet, but they just helped me change my life.

Now on to Day 2.

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