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Happy Memorial Day

I love long weekends, but then who doesn’t? I had a great time with friends, in Connecticut, today, and I’m looking forward to another BBQ tomorrow.

I baked cute cupcakes for today’s BBQ yesterday, and I have to admit that I’m quite weak. I found it terribly hard not to eat the overflow of the cupcakes as I decorated. I mean, it is beyond ridiculous that anyone’s thoughts could be controlled so much by a damn cupcake! But I got through it without doing too much damage (and quickly decided that I won’t do that again for a while.)

I baked 60 Mini Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes. They were VERY tasty and cute…and only 2 WW points. It wasn’t as hard to limit myself today because there were no extra adorable little cakes just waiting to be eaten. I ate steak, green beans and other filling foods too which makes a big difference when I’m trying to stay satisfied. I also felt really good when I stayed in control of what I ate today.

When I got home tonight I decided to hop on my new recumbent bike and get my heart pumping. The moment I sat down I felt tired, but I set a tough goal and accomplished it. After a few minutes I found my energy, at least some of it. 😉 And it feels reeeeeeeeally great when that happens!

Tomorrow is a new day — and a holiday which means I have a whole new opportunity to eat the right things, get exercise and enjoy a day with friends. And I will enjoy that knowing that I’m a little closer to my goal today than I was yesterday.

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