Thursday Thoughts

Today marks the end of my fifth week of my new, healthier lifestyle. I eat better foods, exercise more intensely and journal every detail of it. 🙂

Even on days that I’m not particularly excited I feel as though the leaf has truly turned. The old me (who is waiting to make changes until “later”) is gone. She’s been replaced by a new me who cares very much about every aspect of her health.

Last week, after losing one pound, I decided that I should learn a little more about the foods I’m eating. I learned that I should not be eating more than 2400mg of sodium per day. I also learned that I should be eating at least 25g of fiber per day. Looking back on previous weeks I found that I was eating more sodium and less fiber than I should so I changed it. I decided to take charge, and I did.

Lately I’ve immersed myself learning how to eat a balanced diet, and I’ve done a great job so far. (Excuse me for a moment while I finish patting myself on the back. hehe)

But there is so much to learn about healthy eating. We all know that we should eat fruits and veggies, but I was surprised by the breakdown of sugar and carbohydrates in the fruits and veggies. For the record, I plan to eat bananas and watermelon in addition to cantaloupe and other berries. For now, the fact that I’m eating 5 to 9 servings of fruit everyday is more than enough! =)

A friend told me not to get so obsessed that I burn out. Burning out isn’t really my thing, but in a way she was right. I’m not going to learn everything about healthy eating this short time, but I’m so proud of myself for setting small goals and sticking to them.

I’ve achieved a lot in the past few weeks, and I’m looking for to my weigh-in tonight. I may have a long journey to the goal, but my experience over the last several weeks has already shown me the light at the end of the tunnel. And believing that I really can get there will keep me motivated.

One more thing…I really hope I weigh less when i step on the scale tonight than I did last week! =)

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