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I Did It…Then Did It Again!

I don’t feel quite as energized as I normally do after I exercise, but I feel so completely happy that I did it.  And now I’m thinking I might ride the bike for another 30 minutes. 

So here’s what I did today:
  • I went to the gym this morning for my regular workout
  • I walked my dog, and we walked uphill (in the rain, by the way.)
  • I walked around an outdoor mall (in the rain) with friends.
  • I rode my recumbent bike this evening
I feel so happy when I accomplish the goals I set for the day, but I do feel like I could do more so I’ll go now. 
I rode the bike again, and for whatever reason I still don’t feel energized.  I think I just have to accept that I’m tired.  I was up early this morning, and I had a rough day.  I’m glad I exercised and ate well anyway because I know I’ll be glad I did it tomorrow.  I suppose I won’t be excited every single day, but at least we know I’ll do it anyway. 

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