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I Have A Serious Case of the Munchies Right Now

I ate poorly today, in that I ate more snacks than normal. I suppose it’s because it’s Saturday, and I had such a good day. Instead of eating breakfast and lunch, like usual, I left home in a hurry. I ate two snacks while on a beautiful sailboat then my friend and I ate Thai food — my FAVORITE.

I wrote everything down, and stayed well within my points. It was not until I got to the movies, where we saw “My Life In Ruins.” And I brought my own snacks, still staying within my points. Then the movie-goers and I came home to have dessert and coffee. I didn’t have coffee, but I did have some coffee cake (6 points.)

The bottom line is that I ate more junk food than I should have today even if it was only 100 calories here and there. But I still ate much less today than I would have before so it’s that’s progress. But I didn’t do as well as I could have/should have. But I’m happy because I enjoyed the heck out of the day, and tomorrow is a whole new day — a chance to do all the right things. 🙂 And I will do my best!

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