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It’s June, Isn’t It?

It’s cold and rainy outside today. And wearing long sleeves is not enough. I’m going to have to wear long sleeves and a jacket or a hooded sweatshirt. People were actually wearing jackets at the gym this morning (though I don’t understand that.) I was sweating as much as usual as I worked out. It wasn’t until I was outside again that I started feeling slightly frozen. 😉 Needless to say, walking my dog was “fun” this morning.

I’m not complaining about it because I’m fascinated more than anything else. Growing up, we always considered June to be part of Summer because school was out and it was super hot.
Now, years later, my sister and I (though we live thousands of miles apart) both live in climates much cooler than what we knew during childhood.

I definitely love it, but it makes me look forward to warm sunny days too. We are supposed to have a couple of beautiful days over the weekend, and hey…I’ll take that over sunny days during the work week since it seems — at least for now — we can’t have it all.

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