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Regrets and Accomplishments

I didn’t eat as well as I could have today. I didn’t eat anything horrible or anything, but instead of running to the store for fresh veggies and fruits I ate low cal junk food like rice cakes and 100 calorie Pringles. I don’t know why I was so hungry for junk — even low fat junk, but my best guess is because I didn’t have better alternatives. I have no excuse for that, and while I still expect to see weight loss this week I’m regretful that I didn’t do a stellar job today. I did stay within my points, and I did drink a lot of water, take my vitamins and exercise.

In fact, I did twice as much cardio as I do on a normal day. I decided, last night, that it would be a good idea. I wasn’t sure if I could accomplish that goal or not, but I did! And that feels great. If I had eaten more fruits and veggies I would feel like a rock star right now. Instead, I feel like I did great, but not as great as I could have.

It’s interesting and sad that it is so easy to fight the battle between good choices and bad in my head. I wrestle with justification of things that I clearly know, but I still do it. Tonight, I lost the battle within myself. Now I’m paying the price (mentally.) I don’t like failing myself, and what’s worse is that I don’t even have a good excuse for doing it.

Now that I have gotten this off of my chest I’m going to be happy that I ate the right number of points. I’ll also be happy that I exercised twice as long as usual (and that I made myself do it.) And I’ll look forward to a new day tomorrow – a day, in which I am quite sure I will do my best.

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