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Crazy Color

I chose bright purple for my toes and a much lighter shade for my fingers.  I usually get the same color, but the color on my toes is definitely too bright for my fingers too.  A few of my girlfriends and I went to dinner after our Weekly WW meeting, and we took a picture of our feet.  (I know, but isn’t that what girlfriends are for?! hehe) 

My toes are the purple ones, on the bottom and in the middle.  To my right are Charlene’s then Fran’s and the Valerie’s.  Carol came directly from work (in her scrubs,) but we thought she should be in the picture anyway. 😉  How funny are we?!
So…I went for a crazy and bright color though I must wear matching shoes tomorrow. 😉  
Thanks to those of you who gave your input.  I’ll be back to my more conservative self next week. 

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