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Giveaway For Dog Lovers

I love giveaways even though I rarely win anything…(rarely sounds better than never, right?)  And my cute friend, Shawn at Seriously is giving away a cool, new couch friendly doggy bed.  I’d love to win it because my Sadie would look adorable on it, don’t you think? 

She’s only allowed on the couch if there’s a sheet covering it so this would be outstanding for her. And she only weighs about 20 pounds which means she’d have plenty of room to spread out as she loves to do. 😉 
Anyway, if you want to enter or know someone who wants to enter, just send them to Seriously because someone has to win.  (No offense, but I still hope it’s me. hehe)  Even if we don’t win, we can still purchase one at! (Good thing because Sadie probably can’t live without it now.)

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    July 6, 2009 at 1:43 am

    Love it!

    I had Cockers before I became a German Shepherd lover. Rufus was buff like your Sadie and Riley was black and tan.

    Good luck!

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