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Weigh-In Day

It has been two weeks since my last weigh-in, and that makes me nervous because I usually weigh in every Thursday. Because I was gone last week, I was unable to step on the scale. And I definitely didn’t get as much intense exercise as I do at home.

Regardless of what the scale says when I step on it this evening, I am happy to be back into my regular routine. Since returning home Saturday afternoon, I have exercised regularly (even stepping it up a bit) and eaten well.

After this meeting tonight I’ll miss two in a row because I’ll be out of town again. But during my upcoming trip I should be able to exercise regularly and eat well (for the most part.) I have already made arrangements to visit the gym while I’m there. Even if I don’t do weight training, I will be able to ride a recumbent bike — my little key to success. 🙂

I hope I won’t be too disappointed if they scale doesn’t show a loss. I worry about this every week, and most weeks my worries are for nothing. 😉 I just hope I can leave this meeting feeling pumped up. And while I can’t wait to go away for a couple of weeks, I’m also ready to get back into my regular life – a life I throughly enjoy. 🙂

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