Daily Archives: July 19, 2011

Another Successful Day and A Winner

It seems like I’ve fallen into the habit of blogging at the end of the day so it makes sense that I am exhausted.  My sister and niece left late Monday, and I miss them like c-r-a-z-y.  I put off a lot of things I needed to do last week, wrapped up in my time with them instead which I quite enjoyed!  But it’s back to the grind…

I’m happy to report that day 2 has been a success, and I am looking forward to a night of rest before tacking day 3.  I’ve been eating well and working out, and I’m feeling stronger than I was only days ago.  I have errands to run tomorrow, and I really need to buckle down and focus on a project that I’m working on now.  I’m sure it will all seem less overwhelming tomorrow.

When I’m tired, I sometimes struggle with making good food choices.  It’s easier to grab something quickly than to take a few moments to create a healthy and satisfying meal.  So it’s a good thing I did that yesterday! =)  Cooking for one has never been fun for me, but cooking for two works so last night I created a quick meal with sauteed onions, green peppers, broccoli and chicken and served it over rice.  I ate half then ate the other half for dinner the next day.  Each serving was 5P+.  I hadn’t noticed that, when cooked together, veggies stop being zero.  These things matter!  How did I miss this? Anyway, 5 P+ still made the dish a big win!

Lots of green and flavor!


It’s not rocket science, I know..but I’ve never been a fan of leftovers!  And most of my adult life, I have refused to eat them so a light bulb went off.  And I’ve decided that if I cook things that typically taste better the next day that I’m more likely to eat it.  Sometimes a dose of common sense and a dash of teriyaki sauce can work like a charm. 😉

And now, before I sleep, I want to announce the winner of the EatSmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale!  Before I do that,  I want you all to know that the folks at EatSmart really appreciated all of the love! And they look forward to doing over giveaways here so stay tuned, okay?

I get even chattier when I’m tired so I’ll just announce that the winner is Barbara Kroontje!  I know her, and I know that she’ll be thrilled to see that she has won the scale!  Barbara K. wrote,

I would love to have scales like this. The ones I have always give a different number every time I step on them. I can weigh myself step off the scales and step right back on them and they will read five to six pds different. I need something that I can rely on. Thank you, Barbara.”

Congratulations Barbara K!  I’ll e-mail you Tuesday, and you’ll have until Thursday to get back to me with the required information or a new winner will be chosen!  Thanks so much to everyone who participated, and remember…we’ll be having more fun with EatSmart soon!

Now it’s time to sleep…What do you hope to accomplish today?  What will you eat for dinner?