Daily Archives: July 22, 2011

Healthy Portions and Alternatives

It’s possible that I might be a little addicted to video blogging, but this time I’m asking YOU for answers. (I know…I do that a lot!) One of our family friends visited recently, and she shared her frustrations about not losing more than 10 pounds in the last two months. That’s great progress, but I know it’s all relative. And I definitely understand.

Melanie seems to go too light on calories throughout the day and too heavy at night so she asked me for suggestions, and I’m asking you. Check it out…

I know that so many of you will have incredible ideas for Mel because so many of us are facing the same challenges so let’s hear it. What would you suggest she eat at night that would keep her more satisfied than several servings of peanuts or almonds?


And one more thing…I’m doing some fun things in the blogosphere lately, and I appreciate the support I always receive from you all so I’d like to invite you to see my first post at Sealed with a Kiss Fashion Boutique. I talked about my plans to blog for them last week, and my first post is up! Will you take a moment to check it out and make me feel loved? 🙂 If you do, thank you! And just so you know, you can find me there every Thursday talking about clothes and other fun things! <3