Daily Archives: July 28, 2011

My Views Are Always My Own

Last weekend I received a message from someone who doesn’t usually comment here, and she expressed her disappointment in my blog and in me.  She said that she used to enjoy my blog because I shared my life in such a personal way, and that now it seems I talk about products I like too much.

And she also expressed her dislike of my “vague motivational/empowerment messages” and my desire to seek community participation.  Yikes.  I think she may have missed the last few weeks of posts including the vlog in which I was fighting back tears and working through my feelings of failure and my plan to change.

Her words stung, and I considered brushing them off as I often do when people say things that seem out of line which happens from time to time you share your life – your ups and downs – on the interwebs.  And while the tone of her message was pretty rude, I’m not convinced that it was her intention.

In her comment, she assumed that I had received “many sponsorship offers” since my brief notoriety regarding Southwest, but the truth is that I haven’t received a dime from anyone.  Obviously, she has a right to her opinion, and I’ll just have to respect it.  But this feels like a good time to say that I have never nor will I ever encourage anyone to purchase products that I don’t like.  I know bloggers who mention that in every post, but I already know that these people have integrity.  And I kind of assume that it’s common knowledge here.

This blog is and always has been about my life, my weight-loss and everything else I feel like talking about.  And I appreciate the opportunities that I have to share my voice and my opinions with my readers. I just want to be clear that my thoughts are my own, and they are authentic. It’s fun to blog for companies that I love  (which I now do elsewhere on a regular basis) and to offer those of you who support me everyday an opportunity to learn about products I use and enjoy AND to offer you the occasional opportunity to win one of your own!

You’ll notice that I don’t have banner ads (even though I could make a little $$ by adding them) because I’m extraordinarily picky about what I’d be willing to advertise and condone here.  If you ever do see banner ads on this blog, they’ll be there because I believe they’re in line with the message I’m sending – to embrace life and live a healthy and enjoyable one while working to figure it all out.

I appreciate the feelings and opinions of every person reading this blog, and I appreciate the respect that the person I mentioned may have tried to convey when she expressed her dislike of my blog and her disappointment in me.  But this blog will continue to evolve as I evolve, and all I can promise is that I’ll try to choose my words wisely and treat you all with the same level of respect that you’ve always shown me.

What do you think?  Do you wish I didn’t do giveaways?  If so, why?  Do you enjoy the giveaways I offer my blog from time to time?  I hope so because there are more coming in the immediate future!  Are there products that you wish I’d feature in future giveaways?  Let me know what you think, and know that I appreciate the respect and support I receive from most of you.  It has meant a lot to me, and it will continue to every step of the way…