Daily Archives: July 30, 2011

Some Personal Things…

After a recent post a few of you mentioned that you’d like to know more about me personally.  And while I firmly believe that if you read my blog, you already know me, I’m going to attempt to list 10 things that you may not already know about myself.  But before that, I’d like to share a video follow-up to the post I wrote about giveaways a few days ago.  Feel free to take a look or just skip to the list of personal things that you may not know.

1) I am moving to Los Angeles at the end of next week.  Some of you probably know that already, but what you may not know is that I’m really nervous, excited and anxious about it.  My feelings on moving across the country again run the gamut.  I’m looking forward to settling in and experiencing new things.  But I also seriously dread saying goodbye to my mom and family.  The tears well up as I think about it now.

Being far from the people I love is the only thing I didn’t love about New York when I moved there.  I know they’ll only be a flight away, but that doesn’t make it any easier now.  If you’re in L.A. and want to hug me upon arrival, please let me know. 😉

2) I cannot stand looking at dirty dishes in the sink.  When I see them, I feel an urge to clean them so I usually do.  I’m more relaxed when everything is in its place.

3) I like to sleep with the door closed even when I live alone.  And since we’re on the subject of home, I prefer apartments over houses.

4) I talk to my mom and dad on the phone almost every day when I’m not near them…and I text and talk to my sister pretty regularly too.

5) Riding a bicycle makes me feel happier and more liberated than anything else I do.  I can’t wait to start riding again which will happen very soon, but that’s a post for another day.

6) Sometimes (though rarely) I use teeth whitener. I really need to do it again soon because I like having a bright, white smile.

7) I miss New York. That probably doesn’t sound like new information, but I miss little things about it – the people in particular. And I think about it a little bit everyday though I’ve made a conscious effort to talk about it less.

8) I have the biggest twitter crush ever on Zachary Levi. And while we’re on the subject of twitter, Chris Powell from Extreme Makeover Weight Loss edition sent me a tweet Thursday night.  He was responding to a comment I made about taking 13 months to lose the first 100 pounds.

9) I’m buying a previously owned Toyota Prius which is awesome because it gets GREAT gas mileage, and I feel so thrilled that I can fit in it. There was a time, not long ago, when it would have been nearly impossible to drive a Prius due to my size.

10)  Sometimes, even though I’m adamantly opposed to the way they portray extreme weight-loss in reality TV, I think of auditioning for The Biggest Loser.  I angrily stated my feelings on a show that required a 100 pound loss over a three month period only a few days ago, and many of you agreed with my thoughts.  But when I look in the mirror and think about the last year of my life (and how I’ve really begun coming to terms with my addiction to food and my need to be honest with myself and the people around me) I question myself.  And I start to wonder if part of my angst (though definitely not all of it) comes from the fact that I haven’t reached my own fitness goals yet.  In short, I think about whether a show like that would work for me..

There are a lot of thoughts in my head, and I tend to share many of them with you.  And I hope you know that you can share with me as well.  Enjoy your Saturday!