Slimmons and More…

Yesterday was lovely from start to finish!  I started the day with a workout – Richard Simmons’ Party Off the Pounds.  Then I met up with Gail from Shrinking Sisters and her lovely family.  They came to Beverly Hills to look around and enjoy lunch with me before heading to Slimmons.

I ate a chicken panini with fruit salad, and Gail and I took pictures of our food, of course.  She even took a picture of me taking a picture of our food.  Being friends with Gail is easy because I never have to explain that I want to take a picture for my blog. ;)

And after an afternoon of walking around, my aunts and I made our way to Slimmons along with Gail where we saw Heidi, Patty, Michelle and other awesome people like Richard Simmons. =0) He’s just as fabulous as he was last time I was with him, and I can’t wait to see him again this weekend.

I started my day with a workout, walked a few extra miles and finished with an awesome workout with Richard.  And on the way home, I loaded up on lean meats, produce and healthy snacks.   I exercised like a champ, and now it’s time to refocus on making healthy food choices (again.)

How are you workouts this week?  What’s for dinner?

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  1. Glad your first few days in LA have been good! We are in the process of moving too and I always find it hard to eat well and keep an exercise routine during really busy and stressful times like this. Good for you for being in a new place and getting it done!!


  2. I’ve learned, just recently, that I need to change my workouts periodically. This is not only b/c my body gets used to them, but I get bored. So, after doing the gym for a while (during my points problem time) and not seeing results I tried the pool. Bathing suits make me revert back to when I was a child a teased about my weight and its really an emotional issue to move past. We have a indoor pool at work (I work at a college), so when they opened it I pull on my skirtini and went. I re-learned some swimming methods and got up to 50 laps in about hour and 10 mins. They had to close it down b/c they are gearing up for our new swim team, so I had to go back to the gym. My body has to get use to having to support my weight again while exercising, so I’m kinda back to square one with a couple of 30 mins workouts a week (I have lower back issues, so I have to be really careful or I won’t be exercising at all). Since I work at a college, we kinda get use of the facilities and when they have exercises classes for the students we get to take them too. Last Fall they had Zumba and I was really scared about it b/c of the high impact. But I adjust some things to help me not hurt myself, but still get a good 45 min. cardio workout. I hope they do it again this year, it will be another change I need. I also hope the new swim coach my set some public hours for the pool, so I can add that in too.

    I’m traveling this evening so dinner will not be the best, but I can tell you that I used the Skinny recipe website for a great tomato “sauce” addition to my chicken the other night. I added some spinach to it for some green power. It was the tomato recipe (kinda like a bruchette) on top of seared grilled chicken tenders and I melted a slice of swiss cheese on top. Yum. Be careful with the garlic though….lol

  3. That is SO cool that you get to work out with Richard Simmons! I’ve seen your pics with him, but I just wanted to say that.

    Last night we had Alaskan salmon steaks – they came out SO good & it was DH’s first time attempting fish on the grill. I roasted up a bunch of squash & baby potatoes to go with it. Om nom nom nom!
    Tonight is spaghetti made with all the good stuff – whole wheat pasta, etc. And its something DD13 will eat, since she’s going thru a spell where she only wants to eat junk.

  4. You look darn happy, I understand the missing, but if I hadn’t read that in the comments above I would have thought you were head over heels California Girl.

  5. You got to exercise with Richard Simmons? OMG that’s so cool!

    That’s so funny about not having to explain why your taking pictures. I just started my blog over at and taking pictures sometimes makes me feel silly. But I wouldn’t give it up for anything because I love the accountability.

  6. I’ve not started taking pictures of my food, but I do write everything down. I’ve often thought of typing out a statement to just hand out for people to read when they ask why I’m writing things down and eating a certain times! It would be much easier than trying to explain the same thing over and over!


  7. Life looks good for you! That’s greatness.

    Never caught that you had a Longhorn connection. As a former Texas girl, I have to ask “What’s the story?”

  8. This past week was all about swimming and walking for me. I didn’t go to the gym once, but I still got in some really good calorie burns, which was nice. Looking towards the coming week – spinning, turbo kick (kick boxing), and more swimming!

    And what’s for dinner is a great question – I’m heading to Trader Joe’s later this morning to find out!!

    • I love Trader Joe’s…sometimes too much! It’s nice to be back in close proximity of one after being far away for a few months…:)

      Way to go on the workouts…the gym certainly isn’t the only way..sounds like you’re doing great!


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