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Does Gluten-Free Mean Gross?

I eat gluten, but I know that I feel better when I eat unprocessed foods like raw cabbage (my latest obsession) with cucumbers, tomatoes and raw pecans – none of which contains gluten so it would be interesting to see how my body responds to eating less gluten.  I don’t plan to eliminate it at this point, but I’d like to have a few awesome, go-to gluten-free recipes to make for company or when I feel like mixing it up.

Last Summer, I tried gluten-free cupcakes at a conference in Los Angeles and found one that tasted great, but I tried a couple that tasted like dirt first.  And last week, my dad shared a recipe for gluten-free cobbler with me, and while it’s not particularly healthy, it is delicious!  And I shared it with Cal’s mom who has been completely gluten-free for years.

If you’re interested in the recipe, here it is:

Dad’s Super Easy Cobbler

1 stick butter
1 cup brown rice flour (or other)
1 cup raw sugar
1 tsp baking powder
2/3 c rice milk
1 quart of sweetened frozen blackberries or other fruit (allow berries to sit overnight in 1/2 cup sugar)

Pre-heat oven to 325.  Place stick of butter in a 9 x 13 baking dish and allow it to melt as the oven heats.  

Meanwhile, combine flour, baking powder and sugar.  Add milk and pour into dish after mixing well.  

Pour fruit on top as evenly as possible and bake for one hour – or until golden brown.


Here’s my question for those of you reading this…Is it possible to make healthy, gluten-free food that tastes good?  And if so, will you share one of your favorite gluten-free recipes with me?