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Friend Makin’ Mondays: Getting To Know You

Hello from New York City.  Wow..It feels so good to be back here.  This is the only place that I’ve ever felt at home, and that’s probably because it’s the only home I have ever chosen for myself.  My trip isn’t over yet, but I can already tell you that I don’t want to leave.

Now that we’re in 2012, I think it would be fun to make FMM all about getting to know each other today.  If you blog regularly, then you know how much readership changes, and I definitely want to know those of you who take time to read my blog and participate in Friend Makin’ Mondays.  That is, after all, the point of FMM.  So let’s get to this week’s topic!

If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: www.alltheweigh.com so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

FMM: Getting To Know You

1) What is one of your favorite ways to spend a Saturday? I like to spend Saturdays shopping with Mom with friends.  I just like being around people that matter to me.

2) List your top three favorite TV shows.  White Collar, Suits and Necessary Roughness (Will NR be airing again?)  The folks at USA Network definitely do it right!

3) Would you rather be in pictures or take them? Though I’m not crazy about the way I look, I love to be in pictures.  I take a lot of them too.

4) Why do you blog? I started blogging because I wanted to hold myself accountable and remember where I started, but now my blog is a part of me.  If someone said to me “You can’t blog anymore” I think I’d fall apart.  I love to encourage and be encouraged.

5) Share five websites that you visit regularly…

~ weightwatchers.com for e-tools


~ singsnap when I need a karaoke fix


~ A few different news sites.

6) If you could have lunch with one person from your Twitter list who would it be? I feel really fortunate to have met so many amazing people through my blog already…but if I had to choose just one today, I’d choose either @bayareakim or @jenniferweiner.

7) List a few of your favorite snacks. Oh good grief…this list could get long…Grapefruit, Brie, nuts, bananas, shredded cabbage, Uncle Sam Honey Almond cereal, string cheese, roma tomatoes, popcorn, etc.

8 ) Do you have a pet? If so, what kind? No, but I want a dog again someday…

9) Which three material possessions would you struggle to live without? iPhone, computer, sneakers

10) What’s your favorite drink? Topo Chico mineral water with a splash of fresh lime juice.

11) Do you enjoy cooking? I enjoy baking more and cooking for two or more…

12) Do you have children? No, but maybe someday?

13) What are your favorite hobbies?  crafting, in general – knitting, making pretty things, painting, etc.  I also like to sing.

14) Would you consider yourself to be shy or outgoing? I’m pretty outgoing.

15) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change? I’d change exactly what I’m changing…I’m working one day at a time to turn myself into the healthy, well-rounded person I want to be.

16) Who is your favorite actor/actress? I am in serious lust with Matt Bomer from White Collar. Not only is he a good actor, he’s also gorgeous, smart and from Texas.   It doesn’t get much better than that…

17) What’s the coolest thing you’ve done this week?  I’m in New York, and the week isn’t over so I’ll get back to you on that. 😉

18) Do you live near your family or far from them? Well, my sister, mom and dad all live in different states so no matter where I live, I live far from most of them.   I’m thankful, however, that I get to see them pretty often (even though it’s not as often as I’d like.)

19) List three of your talents. Singing, getting my point across, being creative.

20) What is your greatest attribute? I don’t give up.

Now it’s your turn to share your answers.  Don’t forget to come back here and link up in the comments!  Happy Monday!