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A Few Pics and A Question About Dairy

It’s weigh-in day, and after a week of travels I’ve been looking forward to my meeting.  Somehow, I thought I could be at my Weight Watchers meeting, another meeting in another city and out to dinner.  I can’t be at all three places at once so the meeting in another city wins out though dinner after that should still work.

New York was how I remembered it, and it felt good to be home (where my heart still is) even though I had to leave again.  I went to my old neighborhood in the suburbs, saw friends and remembered the reasons that I love that place.  And now I’m thoroughly convinced that I need to go back…and soon.  What can I say? It’s where I belong…though it seems everyone else in my life already knew that.  Maybe I’ll talk about it more later.  For now, I’ll just share a few photos.

Kelly and me!

Kelly and Me!

Happy to be back in NY...

Cupcake made by The Cake Boss. Best cupcake I've ever eaten...

After sushi, I tasted this odd, unknown veggie. Any idea what it is?

Kelly and I worked out too, of course...

And speaking of Kelly, in December, she urged me to buy the chocolate smoothie mix at my next WW meeting because it would make it easier to drink milk everyday.  She believes that we should be following ALL of the Good Health Guidelines (even dairy.)  And she has a good point.  It’s part of the HGH’s for a reason.

I whined about not liking milk…It’s true.  Milk is gross…until it’s in something delicious like cereal or a smoothie or a chocolate shake!  So I followed her advice, and I’m happy to report that I’ve been consuming the GHG’s for the last couple of weeks – even drinking a cup of skim milk, two some days.

I used my KitchenAid blender to whip up a chocolate shake that included the mix, a cup of skim milk and a cup of ice, and it was definitely worth the 4 p+!  And while I was hesitant to spend $7 on the chocolate smoothie mix, I did.  And it was a smart move because it’s delicious (And just over a dollar per packet!)  Dad made an excellent point when we discussed this  (yes, we chat about everything.)  He noted that I spend over $5 for one latte at Starbucks so $1 per shake isn’t bad at all!  And the lattes are usually more than 4 p+ too!  I also love the chocolate shake with a banana mixed in.  It doubles the points (making it 8 p+) though it’s worth it.  It is ridiculously delicious.

I make smoothies with fresh fruit and frozen fruits and vegetables pretty regularly too, and during the last week I’ve started making green smoothies using WW’s vanilla smoothie mix, 1 cup of skim milk, 1 cup of strawberries, 1 cup of spinach, 1 cup of ice and a banana.  (Recipe courtesy of Kelly.)  The smoothie is 9 p+, but it’s definitely big enough to split in half.  But since my goal is to eat fruits and veggies, I tend to enjoy it as a meal.

Green smoothie!


So it would seem that I love the WW smoothie mixes.  Who knew?!  Do you buy it?  If so, do you have a tasty recipe to share?  At my old NY meeting, people used the vanilla mix to make pancakes!  I don’t remember the recipe though it was simple (and apparently) delicious.  Does anyone know what I’m talking about?