Daily Archives: January 17, 2012

Vitamins: Yes or No? And Why?

I experienced some pretty harsh winters living in New York, but (most of the time) I embraced it.  I rode my bike outside on days in which the temp never got above 20 degrees (which might explain why I was so sick during the winter.)  And before my weight-loss journey began, I walked around Manhattan without buttoning my coat.  But even on the coldest days, I didn’t have dry skin.  My skin was soft and smooth, and I believe it’s because I took Flaxseed Oil vitamins regularly.

At some point, after leaving New York, I stopped taking them, and earlier this month I noticed that for the first time in memory, my skin was a little dry!  Yikes!  Even as an overweight girl who doesn’t like much about the way I look, I’ve always taken pride in my outward appearance. I dress well and keep myself well-manicured, and my skin is soft!  So the dryness that appeared on my legs was unacceptable!

The quick remember was lotion, of course, but I wanted smooth skin again without it so almost immediately, I started taking flaxseed oil vitamins. And I’m happy to say that my skin is beginning to feel smooth and healthy just as it did before.  Whew!

Taking three flaxseed oil vitamins a day has already had a positive affect on my body which makes me wonder what else I could be missing.

In the past, I’ve taken Centrum or One-A-Day multis, but I’m not taking them now.  I assumed I was getting all of the vitamins I needed naturally, but am I?  Should I be taking a multi-vitamin?  Is the answer obvious to everyone but me?  And if so, what kind should I take?  

I know that the flaxseed oil vitamin helps my body in a major way so I can only imagine that other vitamins might have a positive affect too, but I’m not sure where to begin.

Is it worth it to buy vitamins and remind myself to take them at least once or twice a day?  Or is taking vitamins a big scam? Is it better to consume flaxseed oil in a smoothie or salad or oatmeal?   Am I getting enough vitamins by eating 9 or more servings of vegetable and fruit, a couple servings of lean meats and at least a cup of dairy?

I don’t know the answers to my questions so if you’re reading this, I’d like to hear from you.  Do you take vitamins?  If so, will you share the benefits from your perspective?