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A Fresh Start, A Gray Hair and Will You Be My Valentine?

You may have deduced from the title of this post that I have a lot to say today, and I do.  Let’s start with school.  I started classes yesterday, and I was immediately reminded that I LOVE being in the classroom!  I’m studying behavioral/social psychology, etc.  and find myself interested in it already.  And after being out of the classroom for what feels like forever, it feels great to be back.  Learning me makes me giddy, and I hope I always feel that way.

And only days before I reentered the classroom, I found my first gray hair! I noticed it as I was staring at myself in the mirror washing my hands so I pulled it out and compared it to the brown strap on my bag.  Check it out…

If a picture is worth a thousand words then I think the photo above tells the story…I’m 31 years old, and I’ve officially experienced my first gray hair!  I let the color grow out last year because I wanted to know if I had any gray, and now that I know that I do, I’ll probably go back to coloring it at some point soon.  For now, most of my hair is brown so I’ll worry about it later.

Today is weigh-in day too, and I’m ready.  I’ve hit it hard at the gym and outside of it this week, and I’ve been mindful of my food while tracking it everyday.   Focusing on small, weekly goals seems to be working for me again, and I’ve spent a lot of time reminding myself that  as I accomplish these small goals, they’ll add up.  I know that, and that’s good enough for me.  And now I want to talk about something fun…


Last year, Janna, who blogs here, and I hosted a Healthy Valentine’s Swap, and we’ve decided to do it again this year.  Everyone deserves a valentine so if you’re interested (even if you have a valentine and just want another one) check out the details below!

Janna and I love presents – giving them and receiving them, and we’re inviting you to join us in the fun.  And because many of us are living healthy lives, we’ve decided to host a healthy valentine swap.  Let’s get creative with candles, DVD’s, lotion and other fun things that won’t interrupt our healthy living.  Let’s just keep it around $25, okay?  And you know, skip the giant heart filled with chocolate or the giant Reese’s heart…swoon. (Okay, send the Reese’s heart to me. hehe)  But seriously, we’d love to have another fun-filled swap, and if you’re reading this, we’d love to see you participate!

If you’re interested in taking part in the Valentine’s Day swap, please sign up no later than Tuesday, January 31st. We will send you an e-mail with your partner’s information and blog address no later than Wednesday, February 1st so you can send your package no later than February 8th.

Once you’ve received your e-mail, take a little time to read your partner’s blog so you can get to know them a bit. Take it a step further and maybe you can shoot some emails back and forth. It will totally help when thinking of what they might like to receive. =) And once you’ve received your package, please take some time to post about it on your blog. It’s a nice and easy way to say thank you while sharing what you received with the rest of us!

So here’s a recap:

* Leave a comment with your e-mail address so we know how to contact you.

* Post about the swap on your blog and link back so others can join. Hey..everyone deserves a Valentine, right? 🙂

* Sign up before January 31st at noon central time.

* Wait for an e-mail with your swap partner’s information and blog address.

* Get your package out NO LATER than February 8th.

If you have any questions you can email Kenz or Janna at: kenlie@alltheweigh.com or atxbikegirl@gmail.com!

* You will have a partner by Sunday, February 6th.

Then let the shopping, shipping and friend making BEGIN!!!

Janna, Reese and Kenz

I’ve been fortunate to meet so many awesome people through my blog, and Janna and I are friends as a result.  Please join the fun, make some friends and do your part to make this an incredible swap! 🙂  Janna and I are definitely looking forward to it! 🙂