Daily Archives: January 24, 2012

Dear Future Mr. Kenz

I’m writing this letter to you because it makes me hopeful that you’re out there somewhere.  And lately, in my dreams, I find myself talking to you even though I can’t remember your face when I wake up.   Do we  know each other?  If we do, I don’t realize it yet so fill me in if you figure it out first, okay?

I want you to know everything about me and love me anyway, but let’s start with the basics.  I’m smart (though probably not as smart as I think I am.)   I’m strong-willed, and I don’t give up even when things get tough.  That will be good for us, won’t it?

As we get to know each other you’ll probably notice that I can be emotionally needy.  Seriously, Future Mister Kenz…I need more assurance than the average girl, but I’m trying to work through my insecurities so maybe it won’t be an issue by the time we find each other.  If it is, love me anyway, okay?   And speaking of finding each other, I’d love it if you found me.  I’ve looked for so long!  And people say that love finds you when you’re not looking so…maybe you can find me when I’m not looking?

I’ll also need you to kill spiders, take out the garbage and keep my feet warm when they’re freezing (which happens pretty often.)

And you don’t have to love Pearl Jam, but I need you to respect the fact that I love them, okay?  We’ll probably find common ground in music because my taste runs the gamut, but look…I’ll watch action movies with you if you go to concerts with me.

Now let’s talk about the important stuff…It’s  extremely important to me that you want me.  (You know, want me) in addition to loving me so show me often, okay?  I want to be the subject of your desires.  How could it be any other way if you’re in love with me?  And you have to be faithful to me too.  (Insert zero tolerance policy here.)  Right now, I’m in my early 30’s, and I’d rather stay single forever than to have my heart broken by someone who doesn’t love/want me as much as I want them.

And I don’t really care what you do for work as long as you do something that you’re good at and enjoy.  You don’t have to wear a suit and tie everyday either, but I’ll think it’s hot if you do.  And I hope you clean up well because I do, and we should look good together, right?

Oh! And speaking of being hot, you should know that I’m on a journey to look and feel better than I’ve ever felt before.  I pay attention to what I eat, and I exercise several times a week.  And while I might be at my goal by the time we fall for each other, you have to understand that this will always be an important part of my life.

I don’t drink everyday, and I cannot stand cigarettes.  I’ve gone through a lot to get where I am, and it would be amazing if you’d join me in running a 5k or a 10k or maybe in doing a triathlon.  I mean, I’m not asking you to love it as much as I do, but I hope you’ll embrace fitness.  When I’m in a race, whether you’re participating or not,  will you please try be there at the end to take a picture of me?  (Yes, I can be vain like that.)  And I take pictures of everything so get ready for that too.

There’s also something that you need to know.  I love designer handbags, sunglasses, clothes, etc.  You don’t need to know the difference between Michael Kors and Prada, and you don’t need to buy it or understand why I wish to carry an Hermes bag that costs about 5 grand.  It’s just something that I dream about, and I intend to make it happen in the future so you may want to start wrapping your head around that now.   I try not to put on heirs, but I like pretty things.  And for the record, I don’t think it has to be designer to be lovely.

You should also know that I have a few girlfriends that I loved long before you came into the picture.  Don’t worry.  I’ll introduce you, and we’ll all be friends…But sometimes I’ll want to spend time with them without you.  I’m independent, and that’s probably something you’ll like about me.  I just have to be sure we’re clear.  You can spend time with your friends or enjoying your hobbies too, but it will be fun to eat dinner with you most nights and to kiss you in the mornings.  You’ll probably just skip the pedicures, shopping for clothes and stuff like that.

Oh, and it doesn’t matter how much we love each other, I won’t share my toothbrush with you.  I just think it’s gross.  I almost always have spare toothbrushes because I replace mine often, but if we ever need another toothbrush, we’ll just go to Walgreens or something. Deal?

I read a lot, and sometimes I feel like singing.  And you should probably like my voice because “sometimes” is pretty often.  Maybe we’ll sing duets.  I also like to knit and play Scrabble (though I hate the Scrabble dictionary and refuse to use it.)  And I love almost every show on USA Network.  My favorites right now are White Collar, Suits and Necessary Roughness.  Maybe they’ll create another amazing show that we can DVR and watch together someday.

My family is important to me.  I love them with my whole heart, and they love me back.  And though Mom might take a little time to decide whether or not she likes you, they’ll all love you as long as you love me.

I won’t be perfect.  I’ll make mistakes (and try not to repeat the ones I’ve made in the past.)  And when I realize that you’re the one, I’ll do what I can to keep you.  I’ll be fiercely loyal.  I’ll  treat you with respect, always expecting it in return…I’ll cook for you (sometimes) and rub your shoulders when you need to relax. I’ll remember how you like your coffee so I can make it for you and listen to you when you’re frustrated and offer my support.  I’ll spend time with your family, pick up your clothes at the dry cleaners if they don’t deliver, and I’ll laugh at your jokes because I “get” you.

I deserve to be loved fully and completely and just as I am just as much as the next person.  I haven’t always understood that, but I do now.  And I’m looking forward to the day that you realize the same thing, and I can’t wait for the moment that I look at you and “just know.”

So maybe I don’t know you yet, but I already love you.  And I can’t wait wait to kiss you good night.

Until then….