Daily Archives: January 27, 2012

A Few Updates

Yesterday was weigh-in day, but I want to give you an update on Dad first.  I also want to thank everyone who prayed for him, sent encouraging vibes or encouragement….I love you for always being here for me…thank you.

Dad is home from the hospital now, and he did not have a stroke.  The doctors think that he had issues due to medicine that he was taking.  I’m not sure that I buy that, but I’m a thousand miles away…and I’m not a doctor.  He’s still coughing so much that he has trouble getting through a phone call, and he sounds tired.   He still insists he’s fine, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop worrying right now so please just keep the prayers coming.  Thanks.

In other news, I’m down another 2.2 this week which means I’m still headed in the right direction…finally.  I’ve worked out 6 out of the last 7 days, and I was so sore last night that I decided that my body needed rest.  Today I’ll do cardio, but I’ll give my body another day of rest from weights and floor exercises.

Last night I bought my first container of whey protein powder so I’ll try it in a smoothie for breakfast today.  After posting about the Weight Watchers smoothies, several of you noted that protein powder would be better so I’ll see how this goes.  Do you drink whey protein shakes?  I plan to add milk, spinach, strawberries and a banana, and I’m guessing that it will leave me feeling full and satisfied all morning.  We’ll see.

And one more thing…My friend, Janna, and I are hosting a Valentine’s Day Swap, and we’d love to have you take part in it with us.  If you’re interested, check out the details here, and don’t forget to sign up by Tuesday!  Do you want to be my valentine? <3