I Don’t Want To Sound Pathetic, But…

My head hurts, my stomach aches, my eyes are burning, the thought of food makes me feel sick… and I can’t breathe out of my nose.  I was in bed most of the weekend, and I’m still under the weather.  And while I did accomplish everything that I needed to accomplish today, I’m beat and still feeling mildly awful.

I’ll write more later.  Until then, I hope you’re feeling healthier than I am.  Night friends…

13 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Sound Pathetic, But…

  1. I know two people whose kids have been diagnosed with the flu in less than a week. A doctor on TV said the flu season is hitting late this year. I hope you don’t have that! Feel better soon!

    • I felt down longer than flu typically lasts…Still coughing though I’m much better…I’ll take the progress..

      Thank you Tammy!

  2. Hi dear,

    You know how proud we all are of how hard you push yourself, well, that said, I hope you know it’s time to kick back and relax while you have this cold/flu. Don’t worry about losing weight or getting into better shape right now, just try to get as much sleep as you need, drink lots of fluids (hot tea is often pretty good, or chicken soup!), catch up on TV, you know, basically take it easy ;0) I’m sure your mom is telling you this too, and you sometimes bring out the maternal in me, so that’s where I’m coming from when I say to take care of yourself. You’re a wonderful, sweet person who really inspires me, and you have a lot of people who care about you. Feel better!

    • Thank you Elaine….I skipped so many workouts in February due to being sick and injured. I’m on the mend and feel well enough to do cardio, but I hope to be 100% again soon…


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