Procrastination Abounds…

I just spoke to my friend and classmate, Melissa, and she expressed her lack of motivation in studying for tomorrow’s quiz.  We didn’t have class last week which was great, but it also gave us a lot of time to be lazy.  And it sounds like we’ll both be rethinking our choices later today.

A few minutes ago, Alyssa, who blogs at tweeted this:  “It’s amazing how when it’s time to do homework I magically find 10,000 other things I need to do!”  Check out her blog, by the way.  She’s hilarious when she’s not busy studying.

It sounds like I’m not the only one who hasn’t been focusing on school much this week.  I did study for the quiz for a couple of hours, and I paid attention during the lecture, but that was two weeks ago!  My first class of the week went well, but I’m not looking forward to seeing the grade on my quiz today.

My study habits are better than this, and I’m frustrated with myself for waiting until the last minute to study.  Thankfully, I’m a pretty good student so it won’t kill me, and I could make excuses (being sick all week, traveling last week, other things on my mind…)  But I won’t dwell on that.  Instead, I’m going to step away from the computer and turn my attention to my notes for a couple of hours.

Wish me luck…I’ll probably need it.

Do you procrastinate, or am I the only one (you know, apart from Melissa and Alyssa) who does that? Just wondering…


17 thoughts on “Procrastination Abounds…

    No wonder I love you. You love me. It’s natural ;)
    I am REALLY struggling with procrastination right now… I have this gigantic paper to write (50 pages) and I keep checking blogs, going on Pinterest, tweeting… it just feels overwhelming. And I’m using it as an excuse not to exercise. Sigh. Life is complicated.

    Thanks for the shout out! I feel so honored! You rock!

    • Well, thankfully I did some studying last week, and I seem to have retained a lot more information than I realized. I might come out of the quiz with a decent grade…(I hope!)

      I have a take home mid-term next week which I’ll have to do while I’m in NY…that should be interesting to say the least. Hopefully, I’ll get it done before I leave though it’s not likely.

  2. Ha ha. I will procrastinate (in school or whatever) for the first week or so, then I really buckle in for business! I’ll make myself crazy if I don’t start my work.

  3. You say procrastination, I say prioritizing….I suppose it’s all how you classify things…..
    Have I mentioned I’m an attorney and have a knack for “strategic misrepresentation”?

    • That’s true Dad. And after looking over my notes, I’m glad I studied before I was sick. I remembered a lot more than I realized. Whew!

  4. Totally. And I have to agree with Alyssa. Only it’s not study time that I find myself with thousands of things to do (and want to do). It’s my WORK time! I work from home, so nobody is looking over my shoulder. (Though they can track my progress or lack thereof onsite at the hospital, and because I work on production, I’m just hurting myself when I’m not working. bleh.) However, during my scheduled work time is when I am most inspired to write, blog surf, keep up with FB, etc. In the rare moments that I have a few free minutes, I just can’t think of an (online) THING that I want to do!
    Okay. Back to work. HA!


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