A Guest Post About Cupcakes? Yes, Please…

Well, what can I say?  Spilling my guts in  yesterday’s post and your comments on that post led me to workout harder than I have in weeks, and brought the reason that I blog (now) front and center – support and accountability from people here who genuinely care about my well-being.  I appreciate that more than I could ever convey in words.  And it also spurred a big change that I’ll share more about tomorrow.

I need a little time to start practicing what I’m about to preach (to myself, anyway) so I’m thankful for this guest post by my pal, Alyssa from DoubeChinDiary.com!  If you know me at all then you know I love cupcakes (too much.)   And you may also know that I love featuring awesome bloggers on my own blog so this post is a win-win.

When Alyssa share the subject of her guest post with me, you can probably guess that I couldn’t wait to see the recipe.  Now here it is for all of us to try. I do have to mention that I do not drink sodas – diet or regular – ever.  I’m going to think about what I’m willing to do or what else could work for me, but that’s the beauty of trial and error.  I wonder if mine will be as pretty as hers!   Take a few minutes to check out the post, and say hi to Alyssa if you don’t know her.  She’s awesome so welcome her, okay?


Hi everybody! I’m Alyssa from the Double Chin Diary. I’m on a quest to lose 50 pounds without losing my sense of humor, which is hard given my fondness of baking, movie theatre popcorn, and lying on the couch in my pajamas. I started reading Kenlie’s inspiring posts in 2011 and have even had the honor of meeting her in person! I’m thrilled to be here today.


As someone who’s perpetually on and off Weight Watchers or some other “plan”, I know there are times when you’d do something crazy for a cupcake – but you don’t, because a yummy, normal cupcake is at least 8 points, and if you’re like me, 8 points is like a MEAL! My grandmother used to follow Weight Watchers way back in the day, and she’s had this recipe in her toolkit for a long time. The best part is that it’s completely customizable, meaning you can use any type of cake mix or any flavor of diet soda. My ultimate favor combination is diet orange soda with sugar free orange jello because it’s like a creamsicle cake. I used lemon lime soda and jello this time, since I was making these for a St. Patrick’s Day Party and wanted to make something green. Oh yeah – and did I mention that they’re only FOUR POINTS EACH?!


Ingredients you need: (A measly four things! FOUR things!!! And you don’t even need to measure! This is easier than nuking a LeanCuisine – no peeling back the corner of the film here!)


For the cupcakes:

1 Box of Cake Mix, any flavor except “Butter Golden” or “Golden Butter”

1 Can of Diet Soda (12 ounces, any flavor)


For the topping:

1 Box of Sugar Free Jello Powder, any flavor (generic is fine)

1 Tub of Defrosted Light or Fat Free Cool Whip (generic is fine – I’m a frugalista, too!)


Steps to take:


1)      Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Do a little booty dance, cuz you’re makin’ cupcakes!

2)      Dump the cupcake mix into a large bowl. Pour in the soda, slowly. Don’t panic – foaming is normal.


3)      Mix with a whisk until it’s mostly lump free.

4)      Pour the batter into a lined muffin pan. You want to fill the liner about ¾ full.


5)      Bake for 18 – 22 minutes, depending on your oven. My oven is snarky and likes to challenge me, so mine baked for 22 minutes and were still a little underdone.

6)      Test the cupcakes for doneness by touching them with your finger. The cupcake will be done when it springs back. Don’t worry if they’re a little sticky – the texture of these is slightly more moist and spongy than normal cake.


7)      Let the cupcakes cool.

8)      The next part is like MAGIC! If you’re like me and hate doing dishes, you’ll be happy to know you can do this next part in the tub the cool whip came in. Just take off the lid and dump the packet of jello powder into the tub. (If you want a milder taste, use ½ the packet. I like intense flavors so I use the whole thing.) Stir gently until all crystals are dissolved. The texture will be like normal cool whip at first, but in about 5 minutes, the gelatin will really thicken it up.


9)      Once the cool whip has thickened (it should look like the photo below) and your cupcakes are cool, use a butter knife or piping bag to ice two tablespoons of topping onto the cupcake.


10)  Voila! Rock on with your bad self. You just made 4 point cupcakes! (3 points if you don’t want topping!) Feel free to brag, and more importantly, share this recipe with your friends. (Or bring them to a party! This recipe makes 18 cupcakes!)


38 thoughts on “A Guest Post About Cupcakes? Yes, Please…

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  2. I went on a cupcake tasting tour in NYC this last week and it was a blast! I love cupcakes but I tend to take a lot of the icing off because it’s WAY too much. Isn’t it crazy that a single Crumb’s cupcake can range from 360-550 calories? INTENSE

    Yay for a lighter version of a favorite :)

  3. I make soda cupcakes all the time. I love the different flavors that it can present. Our all time favorite is orange soda with white cake mix. It brings in an amazing dreamsicle flavored goodness.

    I’m digging the frosting. I’ve never made a frosting for the cupcakes. I will definitely do that in the future. As my husband says, “that’s the upgrade.”

  4. I think my favorite thing about this recipe is that it makes 18 cupcakes. I’ve seen versions in which you could make a cake and cut it into a million pieces, but I like the portion control aspect of cupcakes…

    Thanks for the guest post Alyssa!

  5. Love this idea! I’ve seen the recipe, but never tried it. I have a dark chocolate cake mix, but it’s one of the ‘pudding in the mix’ ones. Does this work for those too?

    • Hi Peg,
      The pudding cake mix should work just fine – the funfetti I used above even said “1 cup of pudding in the mix” – so I’m guessing it will be A-OK! If it isn’t… sorry about that, lol!

  6. These look yummy! But for those of us not using the WW point system, do you have an idea of how many calories we’re talkin? Thanks for sharing!!

    • Hi Lois,
      Unfortunately I threw out the ingredient boxes so can’t calculate the calories anymore, darn! Sorry about that – I should have considered that before I finished the post. I’ll see if I can find something and I’ll come back and let you know.

  7. Oh gosh, they’re pretty, but all the ingredients fall into my “not food” list. As in, I don’t do artificial sweeteners, soda, hidden sugars and artificial fats. Together and individually they all make me feel yucky. I will have to go away and think up a comparable “food” recipe to share with you. You’ll have to sort out the points part, because I’m not familiar with the WW system anymore. :)

    • As I mentioned, I don’t drink sodas (diet or regular) so in trying to figure out what I could do instead.

      I think a lot of us will enjoy the recipe or variations of it, but I’m certainly not telling you that you should eat them. That part is, of course, up to you.

      • Oh, sure. And I didn’t mean to be critical of someone who wants to eat them. If they float your boat, go for it! As I said, I can enjoy the look of them without eating them :) But I’m glad of the challenge to find an alternative recipe – it gives me something to think about!

      • Kenlie, I just recently found your blog and am loving it! If you are looking for an alternative to using soda, you can use a can of pumpkin instead. It works better with chocolate or spice than the lighter ones like yellow or vanilla. You can also use no sugar applesauce (I like natural because it doesn’t have extra stuff added in), or Greek yogurt, both of those you also need a cup of water. Hope that helps! I am really enjoying your blog, you are very inspiring.

  8. interesting…but no thanks. I love cupcakes but as I lose weight, I find that I don’t need or want them. There have been occasions I’ve gotten one, taken a bite and was like ok I splurged for that sugar crap.

    instead I prefer to eat clean and continue on my weight loss journey and not fill it with junk foods

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  10. @Linda Flint
    I’m in awe but I have to say I kinda side with you on this one. For now at least, till I get to my “dream” weight. It looks darn delicious tho :D

  11. Hi-I’ve just discovered your blog. I’d like to try these cupcakes but can’t drink diet sodas. Do you think sparkling water would work? I realize that takes some of the flavor component away but with a dark chocolate, it might be ok? Has anyone ever tried that as a version?


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