My Kind of Cupcake

If you know me, you know that I love New York.  It’s the only place that has ever truly felt like home, and I’m glad to be here.  I could tell you about the TV shows I’ve attended so far- today it’s Dr. Oz, or I could tell you about my shenanigans with friends which I’ll likely do later.  Or….I could show you pictures of the amazing 50 calorie cupcakes that I’ve mentioned here a few times before.  Yeah, let’s talk about cupcakes.

 Last year as I was walking to Grand Central Station, I noticed Baked by Melissa.  A friend had mentioned it to me months before I tried it, and when I did, I was hooked. There are multiple locations in NYC, and I find myself drawn to them whenever I walk by one.  In fact, there’s one on the way to Times Square from Penn Station so I may or may not have eaten a few (3) today.

Red Velvet, Peanut Butter and Chocolate and Confetti Vanilla

They’re tiny and cute and decadent, and they’re all 50 calories or less.  And I love them.   You’re reading this which means you undoubtedly know that I like cupcakes, but you may also know that I no longer crave them in the way that I used to. (Thank you, universe.)  A cupcake from Crumbs still hits the spot, but most often, I don’t eat an entire one because it’s loaded with fat and calories.  You know how it is… But these are guilt free (as long as I don’t eat a dozen!)  So it’s easy to satisfy the craving without over indulging.

I’d love to tell you that they have locations all over the nation, but they’re only located in New York.  I think you can order them, but my guess is that you’d pay a pretty penny.  And hey, I like my cupcakes fresh.

Is there a similar place near you? If so, let me know so I can visit soon.  I’m kidding (or am I?)

13 thoughts on “My Kind of Cupcake

  1. what a bad friend I am…I really did want to call but life got in the way and now I have to work the weekend…drat! have fun in NYC and hopefully we can hook up soon…

  2. what a bad friend I am…I really did want to call but life got in the way and now I have to work the weekend…drat! have fun in NYC and hopefully we can hook up soon…yes my house too, check out my facebook page for some cupcakes i just made to share with friends…

  3. I am all about Starbucks mini’s … but they are around 200 cals … and these looks MUCH-MUCH better … and you could have 4!!! =)

  4. Have you stumbled upon Billy’s Bakery in New York?
    9th Ave between 21st and 22nd St in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.
    Kind of a vintage look and classic desserts popular in the 40′ and 50’s.

    • I haven’t been there, but I’ll google it…I spend more time in Chelsea over the summer when I can sail on the Hudson…hehe

  5. They’re not as popular in the UK than in America but they do sell yummy cupcakes from a tiny cupcake stand in the shopping centre (mall) in my city. They even sell a giant cupcake the size of my face (which is massive!) Nom Nom Nom!!!

  6. hmmm you have given me a challenge… My daughter has recently decided to start making cupcakes… maybe we can figure out healthy ones.. oooohhhhhhh. Scale today says down 135 lbs. It’s given me new momentum for sure…. I’m finally under 200 for the first time since I was 16 yrs old (i’m 32) but I want cupcakes….


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