Wow…I Really Regret That Workout…

Sometimes I’m inspired to workout in the afternoon instead of the evening, and that’s what happened yesterday after seeing this quote.

When I read that one Facebook, I grabbed my sneakers and hit it hard for about an hour.  And I was reminded as I often am that I like to sweat…a lot.  By the time I leave the gym, I’m usually drenched, and today was no exception.

Mid-workout and sweaty...

My fitness goal for today is to start my workout before noon – something that I don’t often do.  And my goal will be the same tomorrow because I have to catch a flight in the afternoon.

Do you have a fitness goal for today?  If so, what it is?



16 thoughts on “Wow…I Really Regret That Workout…

  1. Cat

    Love it! My favorite thing is working out hard enough that I have to wash my hair twice. I get such a feeling of accomplishment from that!
    My fitness/weight loss goal for today is to make the day a 10: give 110% in my workout, eat whole, real foods that fit into my calorie range, and keep a positive attitude.

  2. Liz

    My goal today is to work up a sweat at my workout. Sometimes I sissy out and don’t go full force but I will today!

    I did yesterday in Zumba but today I will running.

  3. Tully

    I find working out in the mornings super difficult because I just don’t feel like my body is ready to get the most out of the work out, but it is amazing to get it all done by midday. Good luck and have a lovely trip!


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