Food For Thought

by Kenlie Tiggeman on June 27, 2012

I’ve been away from the internet more than usual this week, and I’ve discovered something about myself that raises some interesting questions in my mind.

Over the last few days, I’ve been outside of my regular routine. I haven’t been at home, and I’ve spent quite a bit of time with ‘the suit.’ I noticed tonight that when I’m around him I don’t think about food as much. Actually, I really don’t think about it at all unless we’re deciding what to eat.

Earlier tonight I was hungry, but I didn’t crave anything in particular. And at lunch today with friends, we all enjoyed our meal. I just didn’t focus in on the food itself as much as I sometimes (okay, usually) do.

It’s a liberating feeling, and it’s not easy to explain to someone like him who doesn’t struggle with food addiction. Thankfully, he seems to understand my thoughts anyway, and he listens regardless.

When I mentioned it to him, he said that it’s probably because he just doesn’t get excited about food. He likes nice restaurants, and he eats when he’s hungry, etc. He just doesn’t think about it much otherwise. Does anyone else reading this feel that way?  Is that your goal?

It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around this feeling because food has been such an important part of my life for so long, but I like this feeling. Actually, I love it! I love not thinking about it, and if I could bottle up this feeling, I’d do it.

Have you ever experienced something similar?  How would you explain it?

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