Friend Makin’ Mondays: Goals and More

I’m trying hard to push forward in regards to my health, and short-term goals seem to be a great way to take steps forward.  I’m heading out at 5am for a walk/run with a group of dedicated friends from the gym in the hopes that I’ll become a morning workout fanatic.

Update: Just finished a 5k at 5am.  What a great way to start a Monday! 

I love FMM because it’s such a great way for friends to make friends, but this week it’s so much more than that for me.  This week I want to lay it all out, and I’m asking you to do the same.

If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

Goals and More


1. Brag about some of your daily, healthy habits.  I drink a lot of water, and I do not drink soda of any kind.

2. Do you track your daily food intake? If so, how? I used to track my WW points, but now I track calories. I had been seriously slacking, but now I am writing it all down even when I don’t want to.

3. What do you want to change most about your daily routine?  I want to stop craving unnecessary snacks.  Some people don’t really think about food often, and I want to be like that.

4. How often do you exercise?  Several times a week.

5. How do you stay on track when you’re on the go? I don’t always do a good job of that which sucks because I’m on the go pretty often.  When I go to school I bring food so I know I’m eating something healthy, but I need to be much more diligent when I travel.

6. What’s one excuse you use that prevents you from reaching your goals?  I tell myself to worry about it tomorrow.  Sure, tomorrow is a new day, but that’s no reason to let this one go to crap because of one lousy choice.

7. What scares your most about your journey? Failing.  I mean, I guess I’ve come far enough to know that I’m not a failure, but I want to start finishing what I started.  That phrase has been resonating in my mind lately, and I’m ready to accomplish it.

8. What do you think will change most when you reach your goal? (If you have reached it, what’s different?)  I already believe in myself more than I did when I started this journey, but I think I’ll believe in myself more than I do now.

9. What motivates you to reach your goals?  I’m motivated by all kinds of things.  I want to be pretty, and I want to be accomplished.  I want to run at the speed that my brain wishes it could.  I want to wear nicer clothes and high-heels.  I want to tell the world that anything is possible and be living proof.  I want to be proud of the person I am.

10. Share a few of your goals.  I’m focusing on short-term goals right now which I’ll talk more about in a later post, but here are a few:

  • get back into an intense, heart-pounding workout groove (4-5 times per week)
  • drink at least 96 oz of water per day. (I used to drink a gallon, but I’m not sure it’s necessary. I’ll ask for opinions on that later this week too.)
  • start everyday with fruits and/or veggies
  • track my food intake
  • eat 1,200 calories or less
Now it’s your turn to fill out this week’s questions.  Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments.  Happy Monday, friends!


53 thoughts on “Friend Makin’ Mondays: Goals and More

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  2. Rebecca

    I almost didn’t participate this week, after my majorly lazy weekend. But then I thought focusing on my goals might be exactly what I need to get motivated. So thanks for that! And I have to agree with your #3. I would love to be the kind of person that doesn’t constantly think about food.

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    1. Kenlie Post author

      No, I really don’t. It’s so aggravating because there are so many different targets. I’m just going to pick a lower one and see how it works.
      After school is back in session I’ll go to the doctor to see what she suggests for calorie intake. I just dread it because they’ll offer pills or something, and that’s not happening. Period.

      1. Bella

        I think 1200 is very reasonable. I’m about 10 lbs more than you are, Kenlie, and that’s what I shoot for each day. As long as you’re getting in all the food groups, I think 1200 is very healthy.

        My personal opinion (not that anyone is asking for it) is that the BMR charts don’t work for people (like us) with 100+ lbs to lose. They say that I should eat over 2000 calories in a day, but that is simply not going to get me to lose weight. At least in my own experience. Everyone is different, of course.

        1. Haley

          I started off at 290 lbs and often ate 1200 calories or less a day while losing… I lost 140lbs but during the transition it took a toll on my body and the lack of nutrients made my skin dry and my hair fall out. Just make sure you are getting all the right stuff and listen to your body!

      2. Mae

        I wouldn’t trust the online charts or calculators anyway, but I was thinking more along the lines of getting an actual test done. Bod Pod, or water tank. I got the water tank test done recently which is as accurate as you can get, and it told me that my minimum calories consumed per day should be 1600. That is how many my body needs just to function if I were lying down all day not moving a muscle. Just something to think about!

        1. Mswandergirl

          I agree – 1,200 calories seems really low.

          One theory is to set the highest set-point possible for calorie deficit so that you don’t have a uber-low calorie count when you reach goal. I watched the ‘Weight of a Nation’ documentary and those experts indicated that a person who diets to reach the goal weight will have to eat less calories (at least 200, I think) to maintain that weight than someone who has maintained the goal weight without dieting.

          In any case, I’ll be interested to read how calorie counting works out for you in the long haul.

    1. Kenlie Post author

      Yeah, it’s the toughest part of all of this for me…easily the toughest part, but there is another way. We have to make it happen.

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  5. letty

    I used to think that the less calories I took I’m the more weight I would lose untill I consulted a very close friend who a registered dietician she made me see that I was pretty much starving myself & my body was going to hang on to the weight instead of losing it she recommend for me 1700 cal a day with 1 cheat meal a week & to continue with my intense workouts,maybe you should consider increasing your calorie intake goal it worked for me I lost 20 # in about 6.5 weeks

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