Friend Makin’ Mondays: Twelve in 2012

It’s Monday, and I’m officially on Christmas break.  I don’t go back to school until the middle of January which feels odd, but I have some fun things planned before that.  I did some cool things over the weekend too, but I’ll talk about that later.

A week from now I will be at my sister’s house in Colorado where I’ll spend Christmas with my whole family.  I also hope to see Lance during my break, and I’m looking forward to relaxing a little too.

I’ve been debating whether or not to post FMM next Monday or not.  It’s Christmas Eve, and I’ll be happy to schedule a post.  Will anyone participate if I do?  Should I skip the post instead?  Please give me your opinion in the comments. 🙂

Can you believe the year is almost over?  As I reflect on the last twelve months I’m amazed by how much my life has changed.  I hoped it would be a year of rebuilding and positive growth, and it has been.  I’m so thankful for the changes that I’ve made, and I’m looking forward to the future!


How do you feel about 2012?  Let’s discuss it, shall we?

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Twelve in 2012


1. What was your greatest personal accomplishment in 2012?  I accomplished a few cool things this year, but the biggest accomplishment was probably going back to school.

2. What’s the best thing your did for your health?  I still don’t drink sodas or any kind, and that’s still one of the healthiest things I’ve ever done for myself.  I have to work on being as consistent with everything else, but I’m really proud of that because there was a time when not drinking sodas seemed impossible.  Now it’s just a way of life.

3. Share one thing that caused a significant change in your life this year.  I moved into my own little apartment.  Living alone has been great so far!

4. List a few things that you experienced for the first time at some point over the last twelve months.  

– I drank a hurricane at Pat O’Briens in the French Quarter with my sister and brother in law.

– Dr. Drew told me I was beautiful when I was on his show on Headline News.

– I did my first plank!

– I sat in the front row at a Broadway show.


5. What was the coolest place you visited? I was in New York more than a few times which felt great just like it always does.

6. If you could change one thing about the last year what would it be?  I would have eaten out less.  Eating out several times a week is an expensive habit, but I’m planning to do it less in the coming year.  I like eating at home now that I can cook in my own kitchen.

7. What is the best meal you ate this year? (Can you tell I’m hungry as I write this?)  Hmmm, the meal that came to mind first was the steak and lobster with creamed spinach that I ate at Ben and Jack’s in NY.

8. Tell us about a new friend you made.  I made several friends this year through school so I can’t even attempt to narrow it down to one.  I met Clint (aka The Suit) and Matt, Joelle, Shannon, Debbie, Joe, Daniel, Ally, Gina and many other wonderful people.  I also met Lance, and I couldn’t be more thankful for all of them.

9. What did you hope to accomplish this year that you did not?  I wanted to be significantly smaller by this time, but I didn’t put in the effort to make that happen.  I put a lot of effort into bettering my life, and I have.  I still need to make my health my top priority so I can enjoy the life that I love so much right now.

10. Share something you learned in 2012.  I learned that I’m happier with my life when I don’t let my emotions control me.

11. Share an odd and unexpected thing that you experienced this year.  I was in the news a lot again this year, but I think it’s funny that I was featured in a famous tabloid magazine.

12. How do you think 2013 will differ from 2012?  I think it will be different in significant ways.  I hope to make weight-loss my focus so I can be noticeably smaller by this time next year.  I also think I’ll have a boyfriend.  I dated a lot in 2012, but I didn’t have a romantic relationship with anyone until recently.  I think I’ll travel somewhere that I’ve never been to, and I’m strongly considering getting a puppy.  I think I’m going to attempt to start my own business too so the upcoming year could be filled with changes too.


Now it’s your turn!  Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments!  Also please take a moment to let me know whether or not you think I should post FMM next week on Christmas Eve!  Your opinions matter to me so don’t be shy; just be kind.

Happy Monday, dear ones…I’m thankful for you.

33 thoughts on “Friend Makin’ Mondays: Twelve in 2012

    1. Kenlie Post author

      I know a lot of people will be off the radar so no pressure. I’ll be cruising at 10,000 feet, but I’ll schedule a post for those who can do it. 🙂

  1. Holly from 300 Pounds Down

    Loved this post! I relate to the soda. I quit soda 1.5 year ago and it was a nightmare. I used to drink an entire case of pepsi a day at least! So when I hear about someone quitting soda I want to high five them and give them a medal. I know how tough it can be!! So good for you!! I really think you are doing awesome. You are a gorgeous woman and I have no doubt 2013 will shine bright for you!

    1. Kenlie Post author

      I gave it up in April of 2009, and it took several months of struggle. Now I find it repulsive! I couldn’t imagine that back then, but it’s just how it is now…:)

  2. Ais

    As to Christmas eve, unless I can figure out how to blog through my phone I don’t think I’ll be joining that FMM–I’ll be visiting the in-laws in the middle of nowhere 😉

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