A Quick Update and Today’s Goals

It has been a week since I posted here, and I’m ready to get back on track today. Aunt Meme passed away shortly after my last post so Lance joined Mom and me on a trip to Houston over the weekend.  It was an emotional time, but I got to see Dad.  I even had the rare opportunity to take a picture with both of my parents which made me happy.


In other news, my left ankle has been bothering me a lot for the last ten days.  I twisted it while working out (during Zumba, I think) and haven’t taken time to stay off of it.  Instead I’ve walked from my place to the French Quarter and explored the stages being built for the Superbowl which is happening here this year.  Between Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl  it’s about to get crazy in my neighborhood!


I know it’s not wise to aggravate my ankle by walking a few miles around the quarter, but I also realize that I can’t afford to skip any more workouts at this point.  It has been over a week since I’ve done formal workouts, and when I don’t exercise regularly I lack energy.  I just don’t feel as good as I do when I sweat a little everyday.

I plan to ride the bike at the gym today because it will aggravate my ankle less than most things. Have I mentioned that it’s swollen and a little painful?


My other goals for today include drinking a gallon of water and keeping my calories around 1350.  I did some meal planning too which always sets me up for success.  Now I just have to stick to it and remind myself that I love myself more than junk food.

What are your goals for today?


16 thoughts on “A Quick Update and Today’s Goals

  1. Hope your ankle gets better…and sorry for your loss! I lost my grandmother last week so I can understand what you are going through.

  2. So sorry to hear about Aunt Meme. On this sad occasion, you got a wonderful photo of you & your parents!

    Hope your ankle feels better!

  3. So sorry for loss. Lost my grandmother in August and I still have my moments.

    I also hurt my knee last week (probably zumba too) and it swelled really bad for about three days. The pain wasn’t that bad, but I couldn’t really get up the stairs that well or even get up from sitting. I tried to squat down and that was a BIG NO. I let it rest for three days, but I went right back to yoga this Monday and then zumba on Tuesday. It swelled a bit again after zumba and I did have a spike of pain in the middle of class, but I kept going. I wrapped both my knees for my next day of workouts (2 hours zumba then yoga) and it seemed to really help ALOT. Everyone tells me to back off, be careful, take some time off from the gym and heal. Honestly, I feel like they are not helping me. I used to say all that to myself with my back problems. I was so scared of hurting myself of the pain I wouldn’t really put in the effort in the gym. Now that I’m being a bit more fearless I get people telling me to slow down. When in fact, I’ve been maintaining my weight for 6 months and I’m tired of it. WW doesn’t seem to be working even when I stay in my points and exercise 5 hours a week. I’m not sure what I need to do, but slowing down on my exercise I don’t think is the answer. I’m listening to my body and I think that is all you need to do. There is no real pain in my knee and the swelling has gone down, so that tells me that if I’m careful and protect it I should be just fine.

    Listen to YOUR body Kenlie. You know it the best and it will let you know if you need to slow it down or not. On top of that, go see a dr. or a chiropractor (my chiropractor takes care of most of my joint etc. problems) and get it checked.

  4. I do the small goals thing too…. it’s all about one day at a time. I find if I start with too many things at once, I get overwhelmed and fail at one and then feel like a failure. I would rather be successful at my goals and then surprise myself when I do other awesome stuff.


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