Flying Back Home

by Kenlie Tiggeman on January 15, 2014

I avoid the topic of air travel on my blog most of the time because it has been such a controversial topic in the past.  It’s on my mind today because I’ve been on various airplanes and in various airports, and it was so nice to travel without anxiety.

I started my new year with friends, then I quickly left to help a friend move to Oklahoma and to visit Dad there. I got to spend some time with Aunt Janice, and I met a guy that I enjoyed spending time with too.

When I left New Orleans, I drove up with a friend who is a neurologist. She took a new job in Oklahoma and wanted to have a friend along to support her during the move, which worked great for both of us since I lived in Oklahoma City for years.  I love the drive between New Orleans and Oklahoma City, but I flew home because my friend wasn’t returning with me. I already miss her, but we’re planning to take a trip somewhere in the spring or summer.

My flight home was booked on Delta, and I’ve been happy with them since I started flying first class. After opting out of a coach flight in July, the last several flights that I’ve taken with them have been stress-free and painless, and I’ve learned that paying the upgrade fee to first class is worth the cost (at least for me.)

I like the endless mixed drinks, but more than that, I like knowing that I don’t have to worry about whether or not the person next to me will feel crowded or not. It’s not always fun or possible to spend the extra cash to upgrade, but sometimes it doesn’t cost much more than economy.  It is definitely worth the added cost to feel zero anxiety before flying, and it costs significantly less than buying two seats most of the time too.

I gave myself the opportunity to find happiness, contentment and joy last year, and I did. Losing weight wasn’t my priority, and I have gained about 35 pounds as a result. It’s tough to feel insecure about my size when flying in coach, but that’s something that will change when my body does.

Delta doesn’t require larger passengers to purchase an additional seat in coach; they accommodate all passengers, but it’s better for me this way (at least for now.) I still fly JetBlue when I head back to the east coast, but Delta goes everywhere I go so they’re #1 in my book these days (even with connections and delays.)

Do you have a favorite airline? If so, which one Is it?

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