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Public Relations, Marketing and Super Fancy Scientific Words

School starts again next week, and I’m ready. I’ve taken my time in school because I don’t know what exactly I’ll do when I finish. I like the idea of moving back into a bigger city, but I’m no longer convinced that New York will be my top choice. There’s a new idea brewing, but I’ll probably keep it to myself for a while.

I guess it’s weird to be in my 30’s and in school, but it’s my normal. I like it. I like studying consumer behavior, ethical issues in the media, and learning how to build public relations campaigns. This Marketing/PR thing excites me, but during my time back in school, I’ve also enjoyed studying the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune system in humans. The fancy word for it is psychoneuroimmunology.

Many of my electives have been focused on health, science, and how our minds affect our bodies. I’ve learned what’s probably already common sense to everyone else, our outlooks, levels of anxiety, and personalities affect our health. I’ve also learned how to channel my emotions in a healthy way, which is invaluable information that has already changed my life.

I’ll be graduating soon, and as I perused my Spring schedule, I was disappointed to see that all of my classes are PR and Marketing related. I love those classes too, and I need them to fulfill requirements for my major. I just didn’t realize that I had taken almost enough of them to declare a second major.

I don’t particularly need or desire a degree in health sciences (or whatever it’s called officially,) but I’m so close that I can probably add them on without extending my time in school any further. (Hello, electives!)

I have about a week to decide, but I’m ready to get started today…err, well, tomorrow.


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    Sarah Clark
    January 7, 2015 at 7:47 pm

    As a current psychoneuroimmunologist that didn’t get her Ph.D until she was 36 I say keep going! As long as you can financially and reliably continue to take classes and not overburden yourself you have nothing to lose and lots to gain. And if you do like science along with PR/marketing we can always use great people in science policy and education. I’m glad to hear of your interest in the brain and immune system. A lot of people are intimidated by a big word like psychoneuroimmunology, but just like saying supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, it always makes me smile. : )

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