Better Than Yesterday

My attitude changed dramatically after yesterday’s blog post. People started praying for me, and Michael and I prayed together too. It was so cool to realize that while I was intentionally worshiping God I felt no pain at all.

I was a little sore throughout the second part of the day yesterday, but I went to bed last night in very little pain and woke up the same way. I also accomplished a major post-surgical goal (insert poop emoji,) which felt great.

I’m still tired after basic things like showering. It’ been a week since I’ve cared about my hair and makeup, and I still don’t care right now. All I’m doing these days is drinking liquids and walking. I have also spent more time outside in the last few days because the weather has been perfect (at least as perfect as it gets around here.)

Life is so quiet right now, and I’m more disconnected from the internet than I can remember. I’m thankful that I have this break and even more thankful that I have some fun things to look forward to later this week.

My favorite guy from New York will be here this weekend, and it has been way too long since I last saw him. Michael and I also plan to spend some time with friends from our church in a comfortable environment that won’t be difficult for me.

I’m also down 30 pounds since the liquids phase began almost 3 weeks ago, which is a small reminder that the foggy pain I felt most of the week is worth it.



4 thoughts on “Better Than Yesterday

  1. Alesha

    Continuing to pray for your recovery! My best friend had the gastric sleeve about 4 years ago…still one of the best decisions she ever made. This too shall pass my friend…and your new chapters are ready to be written.

  2. Jenny Thornton

    I am glad that you are feeling better each day and that your spirits are up. Continued prayers for a speedy recovery.

  3. Brenda

    Oh I knew your spirits would be up today. Sometimes we just need to vent and chat about it with others and get it off our chest to make us feel better. Woot-woot – 30 lbs down!


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