Graduation Day and The Royal Wedding

If you know me at all, you probably know that I love “Suits” on USA Network, so when I found out that Meghan Markle was marrying Prince Harry, I knew I’d watch it. (I haven’t watched her TV marriage to Mike yet, but I plan to catch up on that in the coming weeks.)

I’m usually off on weekends, but their wedding day was also Graduation Day at Tulane. I was there for work even though I did receive my first diploma. I could have walked across the stage that day too, but I decided to wait until I complete my second degree in December since you can only walk once.

It was a busy day and so hot and humid, but it was fun because I helped usher people in as they excitedly anticipated seeing their loved ones celebrate their accomplishments. After that, I got to visit with departing students as we toasted with champagne and tiny desserts. (I skipped the desserts, but I didn’t skip the champagne!)

After graduation, Michael picked me up and brought me home, then I took a two-hour nap. I think naps are fantastic, though I rarely make time to enjoy them. Maybe I’ll take a few naps this summer! When I woke up, Michael had arranged everything for our overnight guest who would arrive later that evening. We also hosted friends, as we do on most Saturday evenings, so I didn’t make time to watch the Royal Wedding until close to 11 pm.

It was fabulous from start to finish. I’m not a fan of reality TV, but I ate up every minute of the Royal Wedding coverage. I set my DVR to record CNN for 9 hours. I didn’t watch all of it, but I did watch a few hours of it.

Sunday we went to church, and some of my girlfriends joined us. We had friends over for lunch and played board games, then Michael and I relaxed for a while that evening.

It was a lovely weekend that seemed to go by too quickly, but the next couple of weekends will be long weekends. I’m so thankful that I got to spend time with friends and celebrate big life accomplishments with people I’ve grown to care about over the last semester. My job has some fantastic perks, but it was so rewarding to watch people celebrate reaching their goals.

What did you do over the weekend? Did you watch the Royal Wedding?


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    May 22, 2018 at 4:41 pm

    I adore that dress! The graphic style of the vertical color sections combined with the crossover neckline is very appealing. Is the color scheme continued on the back of the dress as well?

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    May 28, 2018 at 10:33 pm


    The pattern does continue on the back of the dress, which makes it fun.

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    June 7, 2018 at 9:04 am

    Super cute outfit and congrats!!!! I was obsessed with the royal wedding and have been binge watching Suits ever since! HA

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