Peace Out, Summer! I’m Ready for Fall!

As the summer comes to an end I am increasingly excited about the fall. We don’t really experience seasons in New Orleans, but that doesn’t stop me from celebrating them. I love fall decor and pumpkin spiced everything, and the second half of the year is my favorite because I love the cooler weather and everything leading up to Christmas. Yes, it’s September, and I’m thinking about Christmas. No one who knows me will be surprised by this.

The summer was great in some ways, but there were some tough weeks in it too. Michael and I spent some time in Colorado with family, which was one of the highlights.

We hiked a few miles around Mount Herman, which is about 9,000 feet in elevation, and I could have hiked a lot longer. I actually loved it.

We also spent time in one of our favorite spots, Manitou Springs, where we played games all afternoon at the penny arcade. My mom, sister, and nieces all joined us for that, and even though it rained a little that day, we had an awesome time.

We always spend a day in Manitou when we visit Colorado, but later this year our plan is to branch out by visiting other places together.

Michael led a Bible study for men over the summer, and my friend, Stacie, and I led one for women. We also had friends over almost every weekend because that’s just what we do.

We spent time in Mississippi with Michael’s family, I took some classes, and we both worked, of course. We had date nights pretty regularly because that’s important too, and we had company in town from Florida.

We made some new friends and spent a lot of time with our closest ones, and we celebrated my birthday for a week. We also attended parties, small groups, and served in church like we usually do. Michael is on the coffee team, and I’m on the worship team. I serve in other areas as well, but one of the highlights was leading a worship service in a prison a couple of hours from here. It was such a perspective-changing thing to be surrounded by imprisoned men who were eager to serve God. He’s our redeemer, and I was reminded in a powerful way over the summer.

We attended a gala for a great cause with friends and colleagues, and we canceled a trip to Destin that we planned with friends. The forecast showed heavy rains all weekend, so we BBQ-ed with them instead and visited with family too, which was a good call because it poured all weekend.

Overall, it was a good summer, but I’m fine with it being over. I’m so ready for the holiday season, which lasts from October through January in my mind. I may or may not have a Hallmark Christmas movie on in the background as I write this. Seriously, I love pumpkin everything – drinks, desserts, décor, and I love the fact that most people are on board with pumpkin everything these days.

Now I’m in my last semester as an undergraduate, and at work, I’m shifting my focus to spring admissions. Personally, I’m still trying to decide which graduate program I’ll do. In some ways, I think the MBA makes the most sense, but it’s also less interesting than other subjects that I could study. I’ll spend the next month or so figuring that out, preferably while drinking a PSL from Starbucks with only one pump of syrup.

It’s definitely shaping up to be an exciting winter and new year for us, but I’m definitely trying to enjoy the days until then as well. Does it really need to be over 100 degrees in New Orleans though? Really? Either way, it’s fall inside our home now.

I just love Fall and Winter so much! What’s your favorite season?


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    September 19, 2018 at 8:02 am

    What a fun summer!!! I’m with you though…bring on fall and woohoo Christmas! If you think your bad, I’m worse…I already have a few gifts wrapped up!!!!

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    September 19, 2018 at 9:50 am

    I love the dress you’re wearing for the gala!!!

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    September 20, 2018 at 12:29 am

    I love how you celebrate life so beautifully!! You are just looking wonderful…that’s what love does!!

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