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Carrying Emotional Weight

I’ve been doing a lot of self-evalations lately because I’m trying to figure out how I got to the point of disdain that I’ve been at for the last two weeks, and I think I found one of the big sources of heaviness that I’ve been overlooking. 

Right now I’m working on a project that requires me to go into the office daily, and I’ve seen some positive changes as a result. I’ve formed some good habits, including going to bed a decent hour and waking up rested each morning and thinking about what I’m going to eat throughout the day. Those are huge wins for me, especially the sleep thing beccause I’ve never been good at resting enough until now. 

The downside is that the content of the work is really hard to look at. I can’t go into detail, but it’s depressing…really depressing. I hate being privy to it, but I hate that people go through these things. Some of it is awful, and I’m definitely not cut out for this kind of work. (The work itself is great, but the content is weighing on me heavily.) 

Almost every Thursday since I started I go home and cry. That’s not like me. I’m usually pretty upbeat even when life presents challenges. I’ve also noticed a hightened sense of loneliness. I mean, I feel it from time to time, but it’s been really rough over the last few months. I’ve also noticed that I feel angry at times, and I’m not spending nearly as much time with God as I was before I took this position. 

I was looking over a report yesterday when my emotions hit me like a ton of bricks. Life isn’t fair, but I wasn’t sad about my life. I was devastated by the experiences that the subject of the report had to endure. It hit me hard, and at that moment, I realized that these reports are a huge part of the burden I’ve been feeling lately. I’m not angry that I have to do the work; I enjoy tedious tasks more than the average person. I’m just angry that we live in a world that is so full of hurt, and it breaks my heart into pieces to think that so many people walking around my community feel so hurt and hopeless. 

I’m going to finish out the contract that I signed, but I need some strength as I do it. I know that I can pray for these faceless people, and I know that’s all I can do. I just wish I coud take their hurt away. I wish they could feel peace. 

If you know me, you probably know that I’m emotional. Knowing that people feel pain makes me feel pain, and even though it sucks, it explains a lot. I’m relieved to have recognized this, and now I need to figure out how to dela with it. Days like yesterday make it easier to handle, so I’ll probably start by making an even bigger effort to do things that are good for me. 

I am so thankful for this job and for the opportunity to do something in this field, and I think I’ll leave stronger than I was when I got here. I just need to be very aware, and I really need to be wrapped up in God’s love just like each of the people I’ve just mentioned. 

Numbers Mean Something

I know I’m going to get some flack for caring about the numbers on the scale as much as I do right now, but I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m going to say what I feel whether it’s popular or not.  I’m relieved that most of you understand and support me in that because I’m tired of fearing this number.

I have been within a few pounds of this number for what feels like an eternity, and I’m tired of it.  Right now it seems easier to climb Mt. Everest than to reach the 270’s, but I am determined to do it.  This is what I weighed at my last Weight Watchers meeting before I left New York for good, and it has haunted me since I left.

For a long time I let myself believe that I didn’t deserve to lose, and I didn’t.  I have already admitted that I’ve spent far too long just getting by, but I deserve it now because I’m working for it now.  I’m so close too, and I have decided that I will allow myself to succeed.

I forgive myself for the time I’ve wasted and for the mistakes I’ve made, and I am claiming success.  And right now, success feels like letting go of the past and moving into a stronger, healthier future that I am creating for myself.

I’ve taken a lot of steps toward the life I want since January, and shedding weight needs to be among my primary focuses again.

I want to do better, and for the last several days I have been.  I just need to keep it up, and that’s the plan.

Maybe the numbers don’t matter to you; maybe they shouldn’t matter to me, but the fact is they do.  I’m going to crush this goal, and the reward will be believing that I can finish what I started.

Do you have any short-term goals?   If so, what are they?

How Old Are You?

Sometimes my life can be extraordinarily busy, and sometimes we just need to relax and enjoy a little.  I did the latter last night and today, and I feel happy and refreshed.  But I also realize that I have to do the work I put off until later.  Today will be productive, but I have a quick question or two for you first.

I’ll be 32 years old in less than two weeks, but I feel good.  I feel young and strong, and if you’re reading this I’d like to know how you feel about your age.


How old are you?  Do you feel older or younger? 


Some people think it’s rude to ask that question.  If you don’t want to answer both questions, then share what you’re comfortable sharing.  Just remember…we’re all friends here.




And if you’re part of the Calphalon challenge, then you’ll be interested to know that Alyssa from won this week’s challenge! As the winner, she’ll receive a Calphalon Unison 13 in. Wok with Cover courtesy of Calphalon! I’ll e-mail you later today with the details, Alyssa.  Congratulations!

This week, your challenge is to create a healthy soup, stew or something similar.  I’ll post about this week’s prize details on the Calphalon page this weekend.  Enjoy the challenge, and good luck!


Kenlie’s “Cook At Home with Calphalon” Challenge

I’ve been toying with the idea of a challenge for a while, but I wanted to come up with something that would be truly challenging for me.  And I’ve figured it out.  I want you to join me over the next month as I strive to make cooking at home my top priority.

Over the next four weeks, I’m challenging myself to eat at home at least 5 times per week! To some of you that may not seem like a big deal, and that’s fantastic!  But my travel schedule and responsibilities outside of my house makes cooking at home that often seems like a daunting task!

In my life sometimes dining out is necessary, but I’m the first to admit that I do it far more often than I should.  Surely I’m not the only one who does that!  I would imagine that most of us could benefit from eating at home more often so Calphalon has decided to offer some incredible incentives over the next four weeks to get us excited about cooking healthy meals at home.


Here’s what you have to do in order to participate in the challenge:

~ Leave a comment below telling me that you are officially joining the four-week challenge.  **You can enter anytime for a chance to win the weekly prize, but you must enter no later than Wednesday, June 13th to be eligible for the Grand Prize.**

~ Cook at least 5 healthy meals at home each week, and snap a picture of  one or more of those meals. **They won’t be judged based on their appearance.  It’s just a fun and easy way to be sure that people are participating.**

Post a link to the photos on your *blog each week , and submit your link on the Calphalon Challenge Page at the top of my blog no later than 11pm central on Wednesday.  **You can post the photos on your own blog, elsewhere online or send via e-mail as long as we can all see them.**  (You’ll receive 3 entries for this.)

Once you have officially entered, you can receive additional entries for the weekly drawings by doing the following:

  • Follow @Calphalon on twitter, and tell them thanks or that @alltheweigh says hi! (one entry)
  • Like Calphalon on Facebook, and tell them Kenlie from sent you! (one entry) **Feel free to say hi to me on Facebook too though you won’t receive an entry for that.  I just like talking to you. :)**
  • Blog about the challenge (linking to this post) on your own blog!  Come back and leave a link so I can see it.  (two entries)

This week’s winner will receive Calphalon Unison Nonstick 2-piece 8″ & 10″ Omelet Pan Set.  I have owned these for several months, and they make me feel like an omelet making extraordinaire. 😉

There are many ways to win,  and there will be opportunities to win all month so join the fun!  Let’s make cooking healthy meals at home a priority this month.
I hope I’m not forgetting anything.  If I am,  I suppose I’ll update later.  So who’s up for the challenge?


*All opinions in this post are mine, and I have not been paid to endorse these products. Calphalon will provide the winning product to one winner each week. I will alert the winner via e-mail and the winner will have 48 hours to respond from the time the e-mail is sent.  Resident must be 18 years or older and live in the US.


Inquiring Minds?

I’ve been asked about the #7DayChip and #30DayChip a few times today and a few times prior so I think it’s time to share more information about it.  My friend and fellow blogger, Brad, designed the chip as a motivational challenge to eat well (without binging – whatever the means to us individually.)

I tried several times last month to complete seven days of healthy, mindful eating.  And after several attempts, I received my #7DayChip on January 5.  You can see the details of my chip here.  Now, a couple of weeks later, I’m chasing the #30DayChip!  I’m currently on Day 23, and while Day 30 seems far off in the distance, it does seem attainable!

Several twitter friends have already earned their #7DayChip.  And in our attempts – the restarts and the achievements we’ve found support in each other.  You can find all of the information about the #7DayChip and the #30DayChip on Brad’s blog:!  I usually ask before sharing a link, but I’m confident that Brad will be thrilled to add new-comers to the mix.

The #7DayChip is a motivational tool…a challenge for yourself, with yourself..that comes with a lot of support from folks who are attempting to make healthier, more controlled choices too. If you want to work toward your own #7DayChip, let @BradGansberg know on his blog or via twitter.   And follow these #7DayChip -ers too:  @loosing_it, @EMRUK, @violettfem, @DaleLambert and more.

It’s always a good day to make healthy decisions…so let’s do it together..

Not Letting It Slip Away

I haven’t had a decent workout in at least a week, and I don’t have an excuse for it. Period. I have worked too hard and enjoyed too much success to let it slip away from me, but I feel it happening. And I realize that I need to be very careful.

I’m going to set some small goals that I will share later, but I’m setting a goal I originally set at this time last year. I am committing to doing 30-Day Shred 6 days per week for the next month. No excuses.

I did it last year, and it worked. And there’s absolutely no reason that I can’t spend 20 minutes per day to continue changing my life for the better. It’s on..starting now. I’ll post on the side each day to keep myself accountable. If you’d like to join me, please do. The time to take charge is right now. I’m doing it.

Vegetarian For A Day

I have decided that Tuesday shall be “Vegetarian Day” in my world. My twitter friend, @BradGansberg and I are doing it, and we would love for you to join us. He said it best on his blog when he said…

The point of a “Micro Change” is to try a “Major Change” on for size in a non threatening way. The thought of becoming a vegetarian for good sounds totally overwhelming. I don’t think I could get up the bravery to give it a try. On the other hand, doing it for a day sounds like a piece of cake. The lack of a lasting commitment makes it much easier to try something new.

Making micro-changes (small changes) can lead to big success, but sometimes its best to take baby steps. I’m not sure that I’d want to be a vegetarian, but I won’t really know unless I try so I’m going to try now.

If you want to make a “micro-change” then tell us about it. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try being a vegetarian for the day. Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to know if you could complete a 5k (like JackSht and Kelly, right friends?)

I am going to do do my best to learn something through this experience. Wish me luck, won’t you please? 🙂

Welcome Week Three!

Week two of the water challenge is complete, and I’m still going strong. I consumed 98 glasses (784 oz.) of water last week, and it feels good. Just like last week, I felt more alert and more satisfied throughout the day. The official challenge ends Sunday, but I’m looking forward to continuing to embrace my healthy habit.

How did you do this week? Did you rock the challenge? Is there room for improvement? Either way, we’d like to hear about it. And what’s most important is that we continue to move forward starting now.

Bottoms up Friends!

Success and Flight Anxiety

Have you ever had one of those days in which everything is going fine until you start freaking out about something you’re not even sure you can control? Please tell me I’m not the only one who has ever done this. There’s comfort in numbers people. 😉

Today, as I was focusing on other things, I realized that I’m flying out of New York in a couple of weeks on a small plane. If you’ve read my blog very long, you know that I am no longer worried about fitting into seats on a regular flight, but these commuter planes (which are tiny even for people with average frames) are far from comfortable for their overweight passengers.

I’m flying to Oklahoma, and there is only one direct flight per day out of the NYC area. I paid more $$ for that flight because it’s direct, but also because I thought I wouldn’t have to fly on one of those small planes from Dallas or Chicago into Oklahoma. Now I’ve learned that I have to fly on the small plane from New York directly into Oklahoma. Really? Yes.

So what’s an overweight girl to do? I called the airline, of course. And I reserved a stand-alone seat on the left side of the plane so I won’t be crowding anyone but myself. That’s fair enough, isn’t it? 🙂 I also asked how many inches the seat is, and I’m happy to report that I can deal with it.

Don’t get my wrong. The seat is small, but it’s doable. I am no longer worried about being bumped from the flight which is extraordinarily important to me. I love to travel, and whether I’m going to a beautiful island or to visit loved ones, I just want to get there as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

I wonder what this flight will be like. I wonder if I’ll have to cram myself into the tiny seat for 3 hours. If so, I’ll gladly deal with it because at least I won’t be crowding anyone else. With that in mind, I can do this.

I’ve come so far on this journey, but on days like this I remember that I still have a long way to go. What’s most important is that I’m on my way. I’m working on myself inside and out, and I know that someday – perhaps even a year from now – this worry will be a thing of the past. Until then, I’ll just be thankful for the wonderful customer service representative who allowed me to reserve that particular seat.

I also want to take a moment to talk about the PE WC. Day 2 was another success for me. I drank over 16 glasses of water (which is okay based on my body weight,) and I’m still going strong. If you’re rocking this water intake like I am then you might need to be reminded that your body will adapt. It will just take some time to keep drinking!

Bottoms up, my friends!

Also, be sure to go to this morning to read all about Sean! He’s on their homepage today!

Day One: Completed

It’s Day 2 of the PEWC. (Seriously Sean..we should have considered the acronym. hehe) Regardless, Day 1 was a good day for me, and I hope it was for everyone who participated! I’m happy to report that I drank 13 glasses of water. And I can honestly say that I felt fuller and more satisfied all day.

I started the day with a Special K shake – sometimes that’s all I can stand to have in the morning. Then I had a lunch filled with vegetables, lean protein and one ounce of potato chips. I eat potato chips, yes. Nothing is off-limits in my world because I’m in this for the rest of my life, and I think it’s important to eat things I enjoy. I just eat one serving of chips now instead of 3 or more. 😉

(Lunch – pork sliders (3 WW points each) with veggies and an ounce of chips.)

Dinner was the same – vegetables, a little lean protein and multi-grain chips and amazing salsa. I continued to drink water throughout the day, and I did the 30-Day Shred then walked a couple of miles with a friend. I feel like a health nut today, and it feels good. 🙂

I’d love to hear how Day 1 went for you. I’d also love to know what you all eat for breakfast every morning. I plan to eat 6 egg whites with veggies tomorrow, and I’m going to attempt to cook tilapia and a corn salsa for dinner. My new friend, Chef Dave, seems to think it will be easy. We’ll see how that goes. 😉