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I Will Always Love Richard Simmons Because of Moments Like This One

I cannot believe that this happened for the first time five years ago!

I think of Richard so often, and right now I’m going through training that makes me think of him everyday.

He helped me change the way I see myself. He made it okay for me to love myself more, to desire more for my life and to feel confident dancing off the pounds.

I’ve gained weight since this video, but I’m in pretty healthy groove right now. Watching this video for the first time in ages reminds me that I can do very cool things.

If you’re reading this, Richard, I love you and miss you and pray for you.

My Recurring Dream: Does It Mean Something?

I’ve had the same dream countless times (with slight variations) over the last several months, and I wish I could understand what that means.  Unlike most recurring dreams that I’ve read about online, it’s a happy dream.  In fact, some mornings I wake up trying to remember as many details as possible so I can write them down and reflect on them again later.

It’s an innocent dream that is set several years into my future, and when I reflect on it I smile.  I don’t really want to stop having this dream, but I do wonder why I’m having it so often.

I can only remember having recurring dreams at one other time in my life, and I was very young.  I used to dream that a giant cartoon squirrel was chasing me in the woods with a cartoon saw.  (I gave up trying to understand this dream a long time ago. Ha.)

So what does this dream mean?  Is it simple the facilitation of what I hope will happen in my life someday?  The easy answer is, of course, yes, but I’ve always had high hopes and big dreams.  Why is this one so prominent in my subconscious mind?

And why must I be asleep to truly admit what I want out of my life?  (This dream entails common things that I didn’t exactly realize that I wanted out of life.)

Part of me wants to share every detail about it here, but the other part of me wants to keep it all to myself so for now I’ll do the latter.  The dream is just so vivid! I’m not complaining because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.  I just wish I understood why it’s happening so often, and I wish I could bottle up the feeling I have when I’m walking in it.

Have you ever had a recurring dream?  Did you ever figure out what it means?