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Blood Work, Parties and Pictures…

My pain level has decreased significantly since my last post, and while I’m not 100% better, I feel well enough to exercise again and do the things I usually do.

My weekend started with friends and colleagues at a work party Friday night when I went to the Sizzling Summer Soiree, our biggest fundraiser of the year. We’ve been looking forward to it for months, and finally being there felt like a huge success.

Michael and MeMy boyfriend, Michael, was my date for the event (obviously,) and we arrived early with a car load of sushi that had been donated for the event. When we arrived he went to work as if he had been a part of the team forever. I love that about him. He’s incredibly intelligent, bright and successful, but when a job needs to be done he gets it done. No job is beneath him because he values everyone, which is such an attractive characteristic.

He already knows the folks I work with because we’re all friends, and they’ve known him since before we were really dating. The cool thing is that he would have worked just as hard or strangers. His parents definitely raised him right. Swoon.

Stacie and KenlieStacie, who has become one of our aforementioned close friends, worked tirelessly to make this event happen. I know others did too, but I saw the work she did first-hand. We definitely all breathed a sigh of relief as we saw the event come together, then she and I took our first selfie. Seriously, we’ve had some great times together, yet we had never taken a picture? We’ve talked about that a few times.  Aren’t we cute?!

After we took our first one we took a few more with our friends and awesome co-workers. (Why not?! We were all feeling snazzy without our ponytails and gym clothes. Haha We were only missing Haley, who looked gorgeous and sparkly from head to toe! )

YMCA Friends

Michael even took one of us that was not a selfie. Who doesn’t love a good group photo?

The Cannery New Orleans

Following the party Saturday and Sunday were the quietest days I’ve had in quite a while. Michael flew out of town for work early that morning and landed as I was waking up for the day (at 7:30 am) while I ran errands around town before returning home. I typically fill my weekends with activities and events,  but I chose to take a much needed rest from all the things.

I did some writing, cooking, reading, baking and shopping. I also watched Hillary and Kaine as she announced him as her VP and  picked up a ring that I had resized. (More on the ring later.)

I had such a quiet and relaxing weekend that I almost felt guilty about it, then I was reminded that sometimes I need that. I’ll get back to my regularly scheduled lifestyle tomorrow, but it felt good to have some rest after the last few weeks. I can’t say that I’ve been busier than usual, but I do have to say that everything feels more tiring and challenging when I don’t feel well.

Thankfully, I’m on the mend. I’m seeing my doctor again on Tuesday, and I hope to have a lot of questions answered pertaining to weight-loss surgery.

Oh, and my blood work came back normal. They tested my A1C (Yay! No diabetes,) thyroid, cholesterol and a long list of other things, and it all looked fine apart from my weight and blood pressure. (Both are higher than they should be, but I’m working on it.) I figured I was probably okay when I didn’t hear back from them immediately, but it’s comforting to know  that I’m alright for the most part anyway.





An Honest Look At My Weight

I lost four pounds last week. Having a schedule that requires me to plan what I’m going to eat has definitely been helpful, but I had mixed emotions after looking at some photos that my friend, Simone, took of me over the weekend. 


I know I’ve gained a lot of weight. I don’t beat myself up for it because that doesn’t lead to positive results (at least not in the long run.) I don’t try to hide it, nor do I feel sorry myself. My weight gain, which happened for the most part last year, came as a direct result of choices that I made. I’ve talked about them here many times before, so I’ll skip that today. 

The added weight feels more noticeable now that it’s back than it did before I ever lost it. I’m still thankful that I stopped myself before I gained it all back, but I’ve gained enough to feel a significant shift. It’s incredibly visible too when I look at photos of myself from 2010, 2011, and 2012 compared to now. 

It’s easy to get frustrated, but that won’t yield any postive results. It’s just hard to recognize and admit that I don’t look or feel how I want to. I dress well, and I am well-groomed. I don’t feel ugly. In fact, I’ve been feeling kind of pretty a lot lately. (Thank you, GwynnieBee.) I’m just still aware of changes that I need to make. 

Life is so much better than it was a few years ago. I’m more content on the inside than I’ve ever been, but I also know that there’s more work to do on the outside. I’m glad I lost 4 pounds this week. Now I’m working toward being smaller next week, which has happened several times this year. 

I know that if I shed some of the excess I’ll feel better than I do now even though I don’t feel awful (yet.) I’d rather see the scale move down than move up, and it seems like the only way to make that happen is to go back to tracking everything that I put in my mouth. I started doing that when I started my new position, and it definitely makes me more congnizant of what I’m doing.

It’s incredibly frustrating, but I don’t hate myself for messing up so much of the work that I put into getting healthy. The truth is that I love myself enough to see my needs here and to change them. 

This road is a long and tedious one, but I’m still here…still not indulging in everything I want and recognizing that I spent far too much time trying to fill the gaping hole in my heart with food again last year. 

Now I’m focusing more on seeing myself the way God sees me, and I’m asking Him to be strong in my weakness. He promised to do that before I ever asked, and now I’m finally starting to take Him up on it in several areas of my life (including this one.)

I’m bigger than I want to be, and I’m working toward fixing that. It’s not my top priority, but at least it’s back in my top 5. I need to incorporate exercise back into my daily life, which means I may have to skip other things. (More on that later.)

I have a long way to go, but it feels like I’m moving in the right direction. 

Fashionably Sensitive? A Little? Maybe?

If you know me at all, you know by now that I love to shop. And the more weight I lose, the more fun it is. Yesterday I bought several items at Lane Bryant. It has taken almost a year of weight-loss for me to walk out of that store with clothes that fit me. But as I shopped with my bestie yesterday, I realized that I could wear everything I tried on! And I tried on several outfits. I didn’t buy it all, but I bought most of it – leaving a couple of things that I know I’ll be back to pick up.

The first thing I tried on was a black dress with a gigantic flower on it. I wouldn’t have considered it a year ago, but today I tried it on and loved it. I didn’t even have to buy it in the largest size! Bonus! 🙂

And I bought this short-sleeved shrug to wear over it because it gives the dress a put-together, funky look. This outfit looks as confident and girly as I feel these days. 😉 I’ll pair this outfit with a pair of Cole Haan black wedge sandals that make everything look polished.

I also bought a pair of white cropped pants – yes, white. And they look fab AND slimming! Just ask Char..she’s always happy to give her opinion in the fitting room. I also bought a pair of mushroom colored linen cropped pants. Linen that fits well? Really? Yes! (For the record, having an honest and loving friend makes my shopping adventures easier because I know she won’t let me walk out in an outfit if it doesn’t look fantastic.)

When we left Lane Bryant we went to H&M where I bought some adorable clothes for my niece then headed to Sephora. And I bought a Mark Jacobs Daisy perfume roller (for only $20) to keep in my bag because it smells like Spring to me. I still love my current perfume – The Beat by Burberry, but I won’t have to worry if I forget to apply it before I leave home because I’ll take this one with me. Does it get any better than that? 😉

I used coupons at Lane Bryant so I received $75 off of my purchase which was excellent. And I plan to use my new coupon tomorrow to buy an amazing pair of jeans and a yellow top that simply must be mine. 🙂 I didn’t buy those today because I refuse to pay full price if I can take $25 to $50 dollars off if I wait 24 hours. Even I can muster up such a small amount of patience…I think. 😉

Fashion doesn’t excite everyone, and I realize that. But it excites me lately because I’m starting to buy clothes that I like instead of buying them simply because I can button them. The more weight I lose the more opportunity I have to define my style through my wardrobe. I already do it with shoes, bags and sunglasses. Now I’ve begun adding my clothing preferences. It’s a great feeling, and I know that this is just the beginning.