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Just Curious

I’m a week into calorie counting now, and it definitely feels like the right thing for me.  And one thing that I didn’t like about the idea when I tried it briefly in the past was that it  the nutritional information was always posted on the processed junk and not on fresh food.  But seriously? How hard is it to look up the calories?  I mean, I always looked up points so what’s the difference?   And thanks to the iPhone app, it’s really easy to figure out the calories of an orange or a banana or a cup of spinach which leads me to my question about your food habits.

Monday = rest day.

My goal, right now, is to eat 9 servings or so per day, and eating a big salad with leafy greens and other stuff makes that easily attainable.

How many servings of fruits and vegetables do you eat on an average day?  Do you seat an intake goal?  How do you work them into your meals?



Guys, Good Food and Inspirational People

Yesterday was a busy day for me, and while it was a good day overall, some parts were better than others.  After I accomplished what I had to accomplish in the afternoon, I spent some time with Cal.  We shopped for groceries (well, he did while I bought only vegetables and Brie) then he created a lovely meal for us at his place.  I had never been there before, but I’m going to go often if he prepares a healthy and delicious spread like last night. 😉

Check out the fresh veggies that he chopped and drizzled with Turkish Olive Oil from Whole Foods and the savignon blanc which is my favorite white wine…

I decided to have wine after I declined initially so I drank about half of what you see in his glass. 🙂

While we were at the store, Cal willingly took time to peruse every aisle.  (I like the way this guy shops!)  And I found some interesting fruits and vegetables which, of course, led me to explain my love of oddly colored produce – courtesy of KeepItUpDavid.  Cal knew the origin of every fruit and veggie that I found interesting so I learned a lot.  And while he knew what it was called, he didn’t know how to prepare this…

Ideas? Anyone? The packing peanut leads me to think it's more delicate than it looks.

Yesterday was a good day, and last evening was great.  And while I ate pretty well until the end of the night, I didn’t exercise so I plan to double up today by riding my bike and going to the gym.  I also have a healthy day of eating planned out for today, and I’m going to make homemade turkey pumpkin chili for dinner!  It’s always fun to try new pumkin recipes in the fall! 🙂  If it tastes as good as I think it will, I’ll be sure to share the recipe soon!

I’m looking forward to seeing Cal again later in the week, and I plan to see Uncle Wesley as well.  This is the longest I’ve gone without seeing him since I arrived in Louisiana, and I’m ready to hug him and sing to him.  We’re making some progress on his upcoming cancer benefit, but I hope to make a big push for it tomorrow so wish me luck!

He still seems to be doing well though some days are much harder than others, but something happened yesterday that really bothered our family (and Uncle Wesley, I’m sure.)  Hospice is supposed to send a nurse to his house once a week, but for some reason they chose not to send a nurse yesterday.  Instead, they sent a chaplain which was disheartening.  Regardless, Uncle W still believes that God has a plan, and he’s committed to helping others see it as long as he’s here.   He is such an incredible example of someone who has every reason to give up and doesn’t.  He is faith personified, and I’m so thankful for him.

The last several weeks has reminded me that my problems are nothing compared to the problems that many people face (and overcome) everyday.  And as I spend time looking , I’m finding inspiration in people who really do believe that they can make a difference in our world, and two of those people are Rhonda Sapirstein and Ellen Stohl.

Ellen, who has spent most of her life in a wheelchair became the first disabled woman to appear in Playboy (take that disability!) and has inspired others to live life fully as a professor, a wife and mother – and as someone who doesn’t acknowledge the word “limitations.”   And it seems that she inspired Rhonda to create an organization to make life a bit easier for those who are active in spite if their disabilities.  I just love this story!

Most of us know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but did you know that October is also Disability Awareness Month?  I had no idea until I heard about it through friends recently, but I think it’s important to get the message out!  I’ve learned about some awesome things in the last few weeks that are happening to help people in wheelchairs.

Check out this Cozee-On-The-Go!  It’s an adaptive garment that makes it easy for people in wheelchairs to stay warm.  And I think this is a spectacular idea because while I may not benefit from one personally, I can think of many people like Uncle W who could greatly benefit from something warm and easy.

I’ve been so inspired over the last few weeks by people who are facing obstacles and overcoming them, and I think we should all take a moment to be inspired by them.  If you’re interested in learning more about the Cozee-On-The-Go, or how you can donate to people who need them check out at

I hope everyone enjoys today as much as I enjoyed yesterday.  Will you workout today?  Do you have healthy meals planned?


I Did It

I’m happy to report that I completed a full day of vegetarian eating yesterday. I had planned meals that would be high in protein and filling, but my plans changed rather abruptly so I wasn’t able to map out the day in the way I had hoped. I was still successful, in that I stuck to the challenge, but my food choices left much to be desired.

I had not planned on traveling yesterday, but I did. Once again, I’ll be out of my routine until Sunday, but this gives me extra time to workout and concentrate on making healthy choices. I can’t complain about that.

Now about yesterday…I ate vegetables and nuts, but I also consumed more carbohydrates than I have in ages. I felt satisfied, but I did not feel healthy. I did not consume much protein at dinner. We ate at a buffet (which is something I don’t do often anyway,) and I struggled to find beans that were cooked without meat, etc. I’m not a big fan of pasta though it was available so I settled on a plate filled with broccoli, cucumbers, corn, okra and a roll. Following dinner, I consumed an ounce of cashews. Ha…

I tried..really.

Though I know my eating would have been much better at home, I learned a few things about myself. In my head I thought “You know, I didn’t plan on traveling today. I should do this on a different day.” I struggled to follow the plan I laid out for myself just as I have in the past, but my resolve to follow through on my commitment won.

Will I become a vegetarian now? No…but now I know a little more than I did. Obviously, I have a lot to learn, but I gained a little confidence in myself. And I feel good about completing the challenge.

What did you eat yesterday? What will you do to be healthy today?

Fresh Ideas?

I love the produce section, but I tend to find myself buying the same veggies every week. I buy onions, green peppers, bananas, cucumbers, spaghetti squash, apples and zucchini because I never get tired of eating those vegetables. But I’d like some fresh ideas if you have some for me.

When I go to the store later today, I’d like to pick up something different. I’ll buy sweet potatoes which I do from time to time, and perhaps I’ll even grab some navel oranges. I love those, but I had forgotten until I started writing this post. I also discovered that I like tomatoes recently, but I’m picky about them.

I want to add some color to my new fruit basket! Do you have any ideas for me? What are your go-to vegetables? What am I leaving off of my must-have list?

Lets Make A Veggie Rainbow

My WW leader, Jenn, challenged my group to eat at least 3 different (colored) fruits and veggies everyday this week, in an attempt to eat more healthy foods. You might be surprised by the number of people who don’t eat 5 servings a day anyway which makes this a great challenge.

I love fruits and veggies because I can eat a lot of them without using a lot of points. 😉 I eat green peppers and onions with egg whites for breakfast. And that’s a great way to start the day. Three egg whites = 1 point, and with the veggies it becomes a delicious treat. I also put veggies on the grill once or twice a week. We eat grilled kabobs, and I always cook more veggies that we’ll eat so I can toss them in with eggs or a piece of chicken during the week.

I eat 5 to 9 servings of fruits and veggies each day so I will, obviously, rock this challenge. 🙂 I ate a rainbow of veggies throughout the day yesterday, and I’m doing it again today.

Do you find it difficult to eat all of your fruits and veggies? Or do you have tricks that make eating vegetables easy? Do you think that 5 a day really does keep the doctor away?