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Ten Things I Have Gained By Losing Weight

I’ve been reflecting on my life a lot lately, and as I work to renew my weight-loss efforts, I think it’s important to remember how much I’ve gained by losing weight so far.  I’ve talked about this before, but I think it’s important to recognize what has changed because it motivates me to continue striving toward my goal.

  1. The understanding that most of us face obstacles and that I’m not in this alone.
  2. The ability to walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded.
  3. Friends I’ve made through my blog that I may not have known otherwise.
  4. A stronger body.  I can do push-ups, crunches, mountain climbers, and many other things that would have been impossible before I began getting fit.
  5. A better relationship with food.  It still needs a lot of work, but I control it now…It doesn’t control me (most of the time.)
  6. Recognition of my own tenacity as I continue trying to inch closer to my goal.
  7. Freedom from sodas and caffeine.  I quit drinking Dr. Pepper, Coke, Sprite, etc in April of 2009, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my body.
  8. More clothing options…I can shop in stores that I couldn’t before, and that’s just going to keep getting better as I lose.
  9. Better blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.  I’ve substantially lowered the chaNces of having a heart attack or stroke.
  10. Confidence that I can change the things in myself that I want to change.

It was pretty easy to come up with a list of 10 things.  I’d love to hear what you’ve gained from losing…

Travel Day

Today has been a busy day!  And by the time you read this, I’ll be en route to Denver.  I have to be at the airport at an ungodly hour, and I still have a lot to do before I leave….You know, important things…like packing.  At this point, I’m not really sure if I’m packing for one week or two so I’ll assume I’m going for a week, and I’ll just do laundry while I’m there if I need to.

Anyway, this day has been long, but I’ve gotten a few key things accomplished.  One thing that I was determined to do today is workout, and I did.  And thanks to my friend, Robby, I had the best workout I’ve had in over a month!  Thank you for the  Body Glide Robby!  It worked wonders just like you said it would! If you don’t know Robby, you should.  Check out her blog here!

FatGirlvsWorld meets AlltheWeigh

After spending last week on the bike and several weeks prior on the treadmill, I was thrilled to revisit my favorite machine – the elliptical.  I felt like a million bucks when I finished, and I can only hope that this stuff works as well in the future as it did today.  I felt no pain or irritation at the gym, and that’s a huge relief!  Working out is finally fun again! 🙂

Though I’ve been on several flights since the Spring, this will be the first flight I’ve taken with Mom since the incident with Southwest.   And because it’s almost time for me to board an airplane with Mom, I’m feeling a tinge of anxiety just as I have on the last few flights I’ve taken. But the anxiety is definitely worth it because my sister and niece will be waiting for us on the other side.  And few things, if any, make me happier than being with my niece!

I can't wait to hug this kid! 🙂

My plan for the week is to continue my workouts.  In addition to cardio, I’m doing 100 crunches per day, everyday, for the rest of the week.  I’ve done 400 in the last 4 days, and some amazing twitter friends have joined me too.  It’s nice to work toward goals together.

Are you traveling this week?  Do you plan to exercise during the holiday weekend?




Just A Quick Weigh-In Update

Thursday is always an exciting day for me because it’s weigh-in day, but yesterday was so much better than a typical Thursday.  I got to spend a little time with my friend, Anne, who always puts a smile on my face.  And Cal made a spontaneous decision to head my way after class (he’s in law school)  because we won’t see each other as much over the next few weeks.  And he attended my Weight Watchers meeting with Mom and me.  After the meeting, he took me to dinner at a cozy Vietnamese restaurant just outside of the French Quarter where I ate Tap Chu (rice noodles) over salad with pork before doing some other fun things.  Have I mentioned that I kinda like him? 🙂

But back to the meeting...I lost 2.8 pounds this week, and Mom lost 7.6! Whoa!  I was happy with my numbers and totally floored by Mom’s!  She typically eats a big breakfast and a light dinner which seems to be working well for her.  She doesn’t lose that much every week, but she’s been on a nice downward trend since she began attending meetings with me. I’m proud of her, and I’m trying to grasp the kind of will power she exhibits all week!

My plan for this week is to make good choices one choice at a time which could be challenging because I’m traveling all weekend.  Being alone in the car for seven hours or so makes me want to snack like crazy, but I plan to bring fruits and veggies that are easy to snack on while I’m driving (like cucumbers, bananas, grapes) because I want to feel good about what I’m doing long-term. Do you find it harder to eat well while you’re on the road?  Are you happy with the progress you’ve made this week?




Guys, Good Food and Inspirational People

Yesterday was a busy day for me, and while it was a good day overall, some parts were better than others.  After I accomplished what I had to accomplish in the afternoon, I spent some time with Cal.  We shopped for groceries (well, he did while I bought only vegetables and Brie) then he created a lovely meal for us at his place.  I had never been there before, but I’m going to go often if he prepares a healthy and delicious spread like last night. 😉

Check out the fresh veggies that he chopped and drizzled with Turkish Olive Oil from Whole Foods and the savignon blanc which is my favorite white wine…

I decided to have wine after I declined initially so I drank about half of what you see in his glass. 🙂

While we were at the store, Cal willingly took time to peruse every aisle.  (I like the way this guy shops!)  And I found some interesting fruits and vegetables which, of course, led me to explain my love of oddly colored produce – courtesy of KeepItUpDavid.  Cal knew the origin of every fruit and veggie that I found interesting so I learned a lot.  And while he knew what it was called, he didn’t know how to prepare this…

Ideas? Anyone? The packing peanut leads me to think it's more delicate than it looks.

Yesterday was a good day, and last evening was great.  And while I ate pretty well until the end of the night, I didn’t exercise so I plan to double up today by riding my bike and going to the gym.  I also have a healthy day of eating planned out for today, and I’m going to make homemade turkey pumpkin chili for dinner!  It’s always fun to try new pumkin recipes in the fall! 🙂  If it tastes as good as I think it will, I’ll be sure to share the recipe soon!

I’m looking forward to seeing Cal again later in the week, and I plan to see Uncle Wesley as well.  This is the longest I’ve gone without seeing him since I arrived in Louisiana, and I’m ready to hug him and sing to him.  We’re making some progress on his upcoming cancer benefit, but I hope to make a big push for it tomorrow so wish me luck!

He still seems to be doing well though some days are much harder than others, but something happened yesterday that really bothered our family (and Uncle Wesley, I’m sure.)  Hospice is supposed to send a nurse to his house once a week, but for some reason they chose not to send a nurse yesterday.  Instead, they sent a chaplain which was disheartening.  Regardless, Uncle W still believes that God has a plan, and he’s committed to helping others see it as long as he’s here.   He is such an incredible example of someone who has every reason to give up and doesn’t.  He is faith personified, and I’m so thankful for him.

The last several weeks has reminded me that my problems are nothing compared to the problems that many people face (and overcome) everyday.  And as I spend time looking , I’m finding inspiration in people who really do believe that they can make a difference in our world, and two of those people are Rhonda Sapirstein and Ellen Stohl.

Ellen, who has spent most of her life in a wheelchair became the first disabled woman to appear in Playboy (take that disability!) and has inspired others to live life fully as a professor, a wife and mother – and as someone who doesn’t acknowledge the word “limitations.”   And it seems that she inspired Rhonda to create an organization to make life a bit easier for those who are active in spite if their disabilities.  I just love this story!

Most of us know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but did you know that October is also Disability Awareness Month?  I had no idea until I heard about it through friends recently, but I think it’s important to get the message out!  I’ve learned about some awesome things in the last few weeks that are happening to help people in wheelchairs.

Check out this Cozee-On-The-Go!  It’s an adaptive garment that makes it easy for people in wheelchairs to stay warm.  And I think this is a spectacular idea because while I may not benefit from one personally, I can think of many people like Uncle W who could greatly benefit from something warm and easy.

I’ve been so inspired over the last few weeks by people who are facing obstacles and overcoming them, and I think we should all take a moment to be inspired by them.  If you’re interested in learning more about the Cozee-On-The-Go, or how you can donate to people who need them check out at

I hope everyone enjoys today as much as I enjoyed yesterday.  Will you workout today?  Do you have healthy meals planned?


Friend Makin’ Mondays: Stereotyping

My weekend flew by, as usual, but I had a great time with my Mom.  We worked out at the gym, did a little shopping and visited with friends on Sunday, and she saw Uncle Wesley though I didn’t.  My throat has been scratchy since Friday, and I woke up feeling a little under the weather Saturday morning so I didn’t take a chance.  He’s doing well enough that he went to church again yesterday.  This week, I’m going to work on some fundraising which will start with making a flyer so wish me luck.  Now it’s time for FMM!

If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

FMM:  Stereotyping

Have you ever been the victim of stereotyping?  If so, will you elaborate?  What do you wish people thought of you as they notice you for the first time?

I know it won’t be a surprise to anyone that I’m often stereotyped due to my weight, but I think it’s still pretty common.  When people see me walking down the street, I still assume I know what they’re thinking though they don’t say it out loud as often these days.  All too often, I think people assume (based on personal experience) that I’m lazy and that I sit on the sofa eating giant bags of Cheetos every night or something.   I wish people saw someone pretty and charming who is also intelligent and worth knowing.  And lately, I’ve started to realize that some people do see that, and I’m thankful for them. (You know who you are.)

Now it’s your turn to answer the question.  Feel free to expound more than I did, and don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments! Happy Monday!




I’m not an expert on weight-loss, but I’ve lost enough to know it’s possible, even for me.  And I struggle to find a balance between sharing that message with everyone I know and actively staying quiet about it.  Changing the way I eat and how I exercise changed my life about two years ago, but if you read my blog you know that it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses for me.  The first hundred was relatively easy while the second has been a big struggle.  I’m still struggling to make headway, and I’m not giving up though it would be easier to do than I’m ready to admit.

After seeing my 4.8  pound gain  this week (you know, the one that I fully expected to see when I weighed in last night) I found myself thinking about some things that I shared with someone earlier this week.  Actually, I’ve talked about it a few times this week – once at dinner with a new friend and once during a Skype call with another person who matters to me.  Both of these people are winning the battle against weight-loss themselves so they understand what I went through in losing the first big segment of weight.

But this week, I’ve come to realize that most people (even these people and others who care about me) really can’t fully understand the battle I’m facing now.  They know what it’s like to look at a gigantic mountain and think “how am I going to climb that?”  But I don’t think many people can imagine looking up from the bottom of my personal Everest only to realize that the top is so high up that I still can’t see it – even after trying to desperately to climb it for so long.

When referring to my size, I typically use the word ‘overweight’ because it’s nicer than ‘fat’ and isn’t as gross as ‘obese.”  But the truth is that I was much more than merely overweight when I started…I was super obese, and I’m still obese now.  And throughout this journey I’ve struggled with anger at God and the world…I’ve felt resentment toward those who have weight problems that are far less severe than mine and  jealousy toward those who don’t seem to struggle with weight at all. And mostly, I’ve hated myself for making it this way.  I mean, I did it.  I talk about taking responsibility all the time, but there’s a fine line between taking responsibility and wallowing in shame.

I often feel as though the last year of my life was wasted.  I think about how I could be approaching my ultimate goal by now if I hadn’t allowed my emotions and my circumstances to affect me, but they did.  And I’ve learned so much about myself in the last year.  I’ve learned who I want to be, and it has also become painfully obvious that I wasn’t happy with who I was.  Again, this isn’t new information if you’ve read my blog before.

It’s hard to admit that I still struggle as much as I do, but it’s the truth (and something I haven’t always been so willing to admit.)  Seeing a gain on the scale this week after the amount of effort I put in at the gym left me feeling completely deflated even though I expected it.  But that’s not the end of the story.  If  losing weight was as easy as the weight-loss industry wants to make us think it is, then we’d all be thin by now.  We wouldn’t struggle for days or weeks or years.  We’d walk down a straight, flat, obstacle-free road, and there would be no story to tell at all.

The truth is that I have to keep trying.  I have to accept the numbers on the scale (which do matter to me) and understand that if I want to see something different next week, I’ll have to do something different.  Working out is a huge part of the equation, but what we put into our bodies will definitely be reflected as well.  So over the next 7 days, I’m going to make some big changes – again.  I’m going to workout, eat at home as often as possible and reduce the amount of processed foods I’m eating again.  I did that in the month of September, and I felt great.  I made a choice to retreat to processed foods that were low in nutrients for about 10 days, and I paid for it.  I’m still paying for it.

But it’s a new day, a new week and a new opportunity for me to do my best again.  I’m not perfect, and my journey will never be one of perfection.  But I can proudly say that I haven’t given up, and I won’t.



**And the winner of the KitchenAid blender is………Entry #131, Daisy. Daisy, I’ll e-mail you shortly, and you’ll have 48 hours to respond with your details before a new winner is chosen.  Thanks to everyone who participated! =)**


Self-Imposed Pep Talk

Well, it’s Thursday, and I know that I weigh more today than I weighed two weeks ago.  And I take responsibility for it.  I made some unusual choices last week, but I’m living healthy today.  And how I’m living now is more important than how I lived last week – at least, that’s what I tell myself to stay motivated going forward.  But it’s important to recognize how easy it is to gain weight over a 10 day period.

The week I didn’t workout was really hard on me mentally, and it was compounded by eating out everyday and not taking time to chop vegetables and plan.  I’m so ready to weigh-in today even though it won’t be fun because I’m ready to restart mentally.  I’ve already restarted physically through exercise and food intake.

Here’s a recap of my workouts over the last week:

10/07/11 – Elliptical 35 minutes and weights (upper and lower)

10/08/11 – Elliptical 30 minutes and weights (upper and lower)

10/09/11 – Elliptical 30 minutes and weights (upper and lower)

10/10/11 – Elliptical 45 minutes and weights (upper and lower)

10/11/11 – Elliptical 35 min and weights (upper only)

10/12/11 – Elliptical 45 minutes and weights (lower only)

Even after completing a week of solid workouts, I expect to gain somewhere between 3 and 5 pounds, and that’s a tough realization that I have to face if I want to move forward.   I’ve made some nice strides since joining my new Weight Watchers group, and it’s important to remind myself of that so I don’t become frustrated with the numbers on the scale today (which is easy to do.)  I know that the efforts I’ve been making in the last few days will add up as long as I keep doing what I’m doing so I will, but I’m struggling with my past food decisions and regrets even though I made a conscious decision to eat poorly several times while Uncle W was in the hospital.  I decided that I’d worry about weight-loss and my relationship with food later.  And while I didn’t allow myself to have everything I wanted (believe me, I said no  to myself many times) I allowed myself more than I needed.  I ate unhealthy foods, in part, for comfort and because it was easier.

So the moral of the story is…working out is a big part of healthy living and weight-loss, but it’s not the only part.  It all matters.  And every choice we make is reflected in the long run so I’m going to work harder to make choices that make me feel confident and proud.  And today, I’m going to try to concentrate on the good things I’ve accomplished this week without beating myself up too much over the poor choices.  I’m a flawed human, and I know I have to keep trying…

Something Happened In Church

Sunday morning I found myself at church with my family – something that I don’t do often these days even though I grew up in church.  I was a preacher’s kid.  Did you know that?  Anyway, I woke up aggravated because I didn’t get much sleep and my relatives who were visiting were loud and anxious to pick on me.  I’m usually pretty good about it, but I prefer to be annoyed mid-afternoon or later.  😉  So I begrudgingly got up and showered and dressed for church before making the hour long drive to Uncle Wesley’s church. Oh, and I was running late (though we made it on time.)

And as I drove, I still wasn’t pleasant.  My Aunt Debbie and Mom (while not completely blameless…ha) had to deal with my foul mood until I decided to let it out.  I was stressed about going to church for a few reasons.  The first was that one of my favorite cousins and her husband are mad at me.  And while I don’t believe that I did anything to justify their anger, it bothers me.  People have been mad at me before, but family is another story.  And I don’t like it.  So recently, I humbly approached my cousin asking why she was angry and for her forgiveness, and she said “I know I sound crazy, but I’m just not ready to forgive you yet” which leads me to my next source of frustration – church folks.

I know that there Christians who absolutely walk by faith and believe what they preach (Uncle Wesley being a shining example of that!)  But more often than not, I run into professing Christians who say one thing and do another.  “I’m not ready to forgive you.”  What if God said that to you on judgment day?  Anyway, that’s just one example of many that leave me dreading the church scene. (For the record, I believe in God, and I know what the Bible says about this topic.  I’m not seeking a Biblical debate.  I’m just telling you where my head was Sunday morning.)

So I went to church and felt happy as soon as I arrived, just like I always do when I visit Uncle Wesley’s bayou church.  And seeing him walk in, shaking hands with people after doubting whether or not he’d make it through the week, was incredible.  But that’s nothing compared to what happened during the service.  My uncle Jerry had planned to preach, but Uncle Wesley moved to the front to share a few words about faith.  And he preached an entire sermon on faith.  He said that God had a plan, and it was time for us to start believing in it.  He believes in it.

Anyway, near the end of the service Uncle Wesley asked to pray for those who had a burden that needed to be lifted.  He said that he knew that some of us would be hesitant to ask him for prayer because of his circumstances, and he even went so far as to say “If you don’t come up and get your blessing, it’ll be your fault.”  So there I was..sitting on the front row (to the left of my uncle’s seat) arguing with God in mind…telling him that I was still angry and unsure about Uncle W’s situation and lacking faith.

And without uttering a word, I sat with my eyes closed and told God that if he wanted to lift my burdens through prayer that he’d have to send Uncle Wesley to me because I was not moving.  And literally seconds later (not exaggerating) Uncle Wesley wheeled himself over in his wheelchair and said “I’m here.  God sent me.” Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?  I was speechless and completely floored, and as he began to pray for me, my tears started flowing.  He prayed for the burdens to be lifted, and they were.  Whoa.

That’s not the first time I’ve asked God to prove it.  I asked for the same thing around this time last year and received it so I’m not sure why I had so much doubt this time. But the bottom line is that after a few weeks or frustration and questions that only yield answers that I don’t understand, I’m at peace.  I know that God is real and that there’s a plan beyond what I can see, and I can’t tell you how good that feels.

I can’t promise that I won’t doubt God or his power again because let’s face it, I’m a reflective and inquisitive human, but I’m pretty confident that God understands that since He knows my heart.  I also know that whenever Uncle Wesley leaves this life that he’ll be greeted by someone who loves him more than I ever could, and there’s peace in that too.  But for now, I’m going to enjoy the time I have with him whether it’s a day, a month, a year or many years.  Doctors only know as much as their human brains can comprehend, but I’ve never been so sure that there’s a supernatural power that can provide healing and comfort and everything else even though I have no idea how, when or why.


Friend Makin’ Mondays: Taboo Topics (And Some Other Stuff)

The weekend was a busy one, and I’m thankful that I was able to spend time with my family – especially Uncle Wesley.  Yesterday was his 53rd birthday, and last week, his doctor wasn’t sure if he’d make it to that day.  Well, he made it…and he even preached a sermon at church that left me without any doubt that God is listening to me.  And shortly before the service ended, I was astonished.  Perhaps I’ll share more on that later.

Uncle Wesley and Me

Saturday I had planned to go the airport around midnight because my cousin, Sarah, was flying in, but moments before she was due to arrive, I learned that she had missed her flight and that she’d have to spend the night in her layover city.  And that was no fun, but I did manage to have quite a lot of fun last night anyway, and Sarah arrived safely this morning.  I met up with a lovely lady named Anne who reads my blog, and I’m so glad we did. In addition to adorable presents, she also provided great conversation and loads of motivation!  She has lost about 50 pounds since February, and her husband has lost about 125 pounds (though he started sooner!)

Anne and the end of the evening.

Check out my amazing prezzies!

She embroidered my name on one side and my site's name on the other! Love it! 🙂

And washable makeup bags! Love these! =)

I had a great weekend filled with family and friends and intense workouts!  And I’m looking forward to having a healthy week which will start with improving in my food choices. Late last week, I mentioned that I was struggling with it, but I’m prepared this week and hope to be home a bit more so I can concentrate on making good choices.  Now it’s time for FMM.

Now it’s time for FMM!  If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

FMM: 8 Taboo Topics

  1. How often do you read/watch the news?  Multiple times daily…I read the news online and watch cable news as well.
  2. What is your opinion on beauty pageants?  I think that they are weird and outdated rituals that place emphasis on what’s most important to society – the outside.  I wish I could be pretty enough to compete in a pageant, but I also wish that society as a whole valued those of us who are pretty awesome on the inside too.
  3. Would you date/marry someone who has different religious views than you?  Sure…If you know me, you probably know I want someone tall and brilliant who will accept me as I am.  Part of that means accepting them too.  As long as we can respect the opposing view, I’m okay with it.  Plus, it yields awesome philosophical conversations, and i dig those too.
  4. Do you follow politics? Yep. Religiously. 🙂  I don’t talk about it on my blog for several reasons, the biggest of which is that it can be polarizing.  And I value those of you who might agree with me and those of you who wouldn’t.  But I share so much here, and some days it’s incredibly difficult to keep my opinions to myself.
  5. How often do you talk about sex in your daily life and/or on your blog?  Hmm, I talk about sex with friends pretty regularly, I guess, but it’s another thing I rarely discuss on my blog.  I keep saying that will change, but I don’t have much to discuss now so maybe later. Ha…
  6. Does it make you uncomfortable when someone asks you about your salary/income? Does it ever happen?  It happens occasionally, more often in New York than anywhere else but people write in asking once in a while too.  And yeah…I think it’s usually inappropriate and usually keep my answer vague.
  7. Do you tag friends and family in pictures that you post on FB, or do you seek permission first?  I tag friends and family that I know won’t mind when I’m feeling motivated enough to do it, but when I’m not sure, I don’t.  There was a time in my life when I hated being tagged (though I don’t mind now as long as the picture isn’t awful) so I try to be sensitive about it.
  8. Can you be friends with people who have opposing views on ‘taboo’ topics?  Yes, definitely…If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have many friends nor would I be close to many members of my family.  Sometimes it’s not about being right…It’s simply about accepting and respecting others even when you disagree.
Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions! Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments!  And there’s still time to enter my giveaway for your chance to win a KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender if you want to.  Have a happy Monday friends!




Several Things

I had already mentioned that I’d be skipping this week’s WW meeting and weigh-in Thursday night, and I did.  Instead, I visited my uncle and ate dinner with my aunts.  And, so far,  this week has been an uphill battle to erase the damage I’ve done in the way of overeating.  I ate more than normal last week and didn’t exercise though I’m cleared so I’m exercising again.  Did I mention that I joined Anytime Fitness?  It’s official, and I now have the little key fob to prove it.  I love the freedom of working out at any time of day, at any location 365 days a year.  I definitely made the right choice for me, and it has been awesome to hear that some of you have done the same thing.

Yesterday, I started my workout on the elliptical before moving to weights and according to my stats, I finished just shy of climbing the height Empire State Building twice!  Thanks to my friend, Anne, for the skyscraper motivation!  Now I want to tackle some other skyscapers like my skyscraper climbin’ friend, KeepitUpDavid.  Check out his Stairmaster/Skyscraper logs if you feel like being blown away.

The Empire State Building is 1,250 feet which means I climbed the length of it (almost) twice.

My stomach still hurts even after a week off, but it’s much better.  And I’m aware that the only way to avoid this pain in the future is to continue losing weight so it’s back to the gym for me.  If you want to know why my stomach hurts, you can click here for the details.  That being said, I took your advice and felt a lot better yesterday.  We’ll see if I can say the same today!  Please cross your fingers for me!

I didn’t see Uncle Wesley yesterday, but he’s back at home where Hospice has joined him.  Yes, I know what that means, and I have mixed feelings about it.  But he’s happy to be home so I’m happy for him.  According to Mom, he was weaker than the day before when I saw him in the hospital.  He was smiling and happy and alert when I arrived, and his whole day was filled with family and happy memories.  Going home took a lot out of him, and between company and family and Hospice, it’s easy to understand why he was tired.  I’ll see him later today before spending the evening in Metairie, my favorite suburb of New Orleans while waiting to pick up my cousin Sarah at the airport.  Does anyone want to join me for coffee or dinner? 🙂

This was a long week filled with work, phone meetings, dates with a tall, intelligent guy (who may or may not ask me out again..we’ll see)  and my family so I’m happy that it’s winding down.  I ate well and exercised hard.  I  made a big decision about my future that I’ll share soon, and I’m feeling pretty good.  But I’m still lamenting the end of baseball season as I know it.  My Bronx Bombers are done so baseball won’t matter to me again until next season.  Check out this picture of my future husband, Derek Jeter, taken by Jimmy Fallon at Thursday night’s game.  Don’t you love Jimmy Fallon?!  I do! =)  And I’ll love the Yankees forever too!


And  because I’m sharing pictures that make me happy, I have to show you this one too.  My precious friend, Tammy, shared this on my Facebook wall earlier this week because it reminded her of me.  She noted that this artist’s work encompassed two things that I love – bicycles and cupcakes.  She’s so right!  This artist is cycling cross-country with his art!  And yeah…I think I love him.

So no complaints today.  I’m just trying to regain control of my weight-loss and well-being day by day while spending time with people who matter to me.  I plan to enjoy another weekend filled with family and friends, and I hope you enjoy your weekend too.   And don’t forget to enter my giveaway for your chance to win a KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender!  You know…if you want to…I’ll see you Monday!