Seeking Validation and Instant Gratification

June 10, 2014

We all like to feel validated, and some of us need it more than others.  I used to be among the neediest people I knew, and as I sat with Jeff and Shannon last night at Starbucks, we reflected on the changes we’ve all gone through over the last year. Jeff got married, and Shannon […]

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Tieks and Tory Burch and Why Target Won

June 5, 2014

Last week I wrote a post about Tieks and Tory Burch because I desperately needed new flats.  I love Tory Burch, but when I was searching for a replacement for my latest, doomed pair, I didn’t see anything as cute or versatile my last pair. While I was at Target with my friend, Ariel, we […]

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Back To New York

June 4, 2014

It’s been quite a long time since I made a trip back to New York.  I went several times in 2012, but when I moved into my apartment later that year, I started loving my life here.  I didn’t spend much time thinking about New York, and that was an unexpected relief. I’ve grown and […]

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Things Change

June 2, 2014

Clint is moving to Chicago in a few weeks, and when he called to tell me about the job offer, he asked if I thought he should go.  My opinion matters a lot to that guy, and I don’t like it lightly.  I asked him if he wanted to go, and he answered the way […]

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Does Anyone Wear Tieks Ballet Flats?

May 30, 2014

I’m about to enter into my little travel season, which reminds me that I desperately need a new pair of classic, comfortable and cute ballet flats. I’ve sworn by Tory Burch for years, and I can’t imagine any pair of shoes being as comfortable and lasting as long as my favorite Tory Burch flats.  (Please […]

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Facing the Past and Asking for Forgiveness

May 29, 2014

“Harboring unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die.” I’ve always been pretty good at extending grace to people who have hurt me, and the biggest reason for that is because I’ve been given so much mercy in times in which I totally didn’t deserve it. It is no secret that I’ve […]

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Ten Things That You Probably Don’t Know About Me

May 27, 2014

1. I want to see Mount Everest in person someday.  I have vacationed in the Colorado Rockies and the Swiss Alps, and I’d love to see the Himalayas. When I saw Pike’s Peak again on my last trip, I was blown away by the realization that Mount Everest in more than twice as tall.  I cannot […]

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Spending Too Much Time at Starbucks

May 21, 2014

Just kidding. I don’t think it’s possible to spend too much time at Starbucks.  Summer classes started Monday, and I’ve already completed a homework assignment!  Summer moves quickly because the sessions are short, and doing homework and completing other projects is more fun at Starbucks than it is at home because it’s far from isolated. […]

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Feelings, Calories and Another Fresh Start

May 18, 2014

This is an exciting time in my life because I’m surrounded by so many amazing people.  After the end of my not-quite-relationship, I needed some time to process my feelings, so I took the time I needed.  I was almost over the heartache by the time I posted about it, and now I can honestly […]

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Celebrating “The Suit”

May 17, 2014

One of the best things that ever happened to me happened the day that I walked into my first class at Tulane. I had no idea that the handsome, serious-looking guy in the front would become one of the people I could count on most (in addition to God and my family,) and today he’s […]

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