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It’s Mom’s Birthday

I’ve never been so excited to celebrate my mom’s birthday. Earlier this year, when she had two strokes, I was faced with the reality that I could lose her. I know that’s how life works, but I am so thankful that it didn’t happen that way.

mom-and-meMy mom is my favorite person on the planet, and I’ve never once questioned her love for me…ever.

Perhaps I’m more emotional right now than normal, but I’m fully aware that I’m lucky to have her here. I’m thankful that she’s taking steps to improve her health too.

She’s walking at the gym, eating more fruits and veggies and she’s even drinking Tera’s Whey protein shakes once a day.

I love her, and I’m so thankful that she’s here. I’m thankful that her singing voice is making its return, and I am looking forward to doing some fun things with her over the next few months. (We’ll start by seeing the new Bridget Jones movie again. Judge if you will, but Colin Firth and Patrick Dempsey are handsome!!!!)

I’m going to spend Mom’s birthday with her, and I pray that I get to spend many, many more with her.



Hello, 36…

The last couple of weeks have been incredibly busy, but in a good way. Tonight I actually made it home just as the sun was going down, which allowed me to cook dinner and catch up on The Mindy Project. Does anyone here watch it? It’s definitely my favorite show right now! Suits comes on again next week too, so I’ll have a few things to watch in my free time.

friendsYesterday was my birthday, and it was easily the best one I’ve had so far. I can identify a few reasons for that.

My friends and co-workers made a big deal about it (because they know how much it means to me.) My boss, who has become a close friend, booked a private karaoke room at a sushi bar over the weekend. Um, does she know me or what? I love to sing, and I love sushi. Put me in a room filled with friends, and that makes for a pretty perfect night. I’ve never been in a room full of people who love to sing karaoke as much or more than I do. It was awesome. We need a reason, any reason, to do that again soon. (As you can see I took a few selfies that night, but most of us forgot to take pictures because we were having so much fun.)

Earlier that day my boyfriend and I spent the day with my mom at her house. We ate lunch, played board games and relaxed. I love being close enough to Mom that I can see her often, and I’m really glad she likes my guy. It usually takes her a while to like who I’m dating, but she liked this guy right away. He’s a gentleman. He treats me really well, and she sees it. What’s not to like?

I started my day in church on Sunday, and after that my aforementioned boyfriend and I went to a BBQ with about 50 of our friends. We drove into the country to spend the afternoon and evening at a friend’s farm, and a few of our men put on quite a fireworks display.

I started my day in church on Sunday, and after that my aforementioned boyfriend and I went to a BBQ with about 50 of our friends. We drove into the country to spend the afternoon and evening at a friend’s farm, and a few of our men put on quite a fireworks display.

Monday I slept in, went shopping with my good friend, Michelle, then went to a dinner party with friends. We never got around to playing board games, but we all had great time. I met a guy who went to the same church I went to in Oklahoma at the same time I was there. He was so familiar to me, and it didn’t take long to figure out why. Tell me the world isn’t small…I just won’t believe you. ūüėČ

Cafe Dumonde New OrleansTuesday, which was my actual birthday, was fun because when I got into work I got flowers from a¬†sweet friend and co-worker and friend. My boss, who’s also one of the most awesome people I know, brought me flowers and a bag of beignets from Cafe Dumonde.

I didn’t do much tracking in my Weight Watchers app this week, but that changes today. It’s hard to stay in the tracking mindset when you’re distracted, but life is busy. I need to make it a bigger priority, so I will now. ¬†I¬†managed to lose weight while my sister and nieces were here, and I kept it under control for the most part throughout the last week.

Michael KorsI’ll go to the meeting tomorrow, but I won’t weigh in¬†because my feet are . It’s not painful or anything, but I’m definitely carrying extra water weight. I know it’s just a number, but I don’t want to feel like the progress I’ve made is gone – not even temporarily.¬†because my feet are so incredibly swollen. It’s not painful or anything, but I’m definitely carrying extra water weight. I know it’s just a number, but I don’t want to feel like the progress I’ve made is gone – not even temporarily. ¬†I’m hoping that they get back to normal soon, but the last few days have been rough! I’m drinking water, but not enough. My Hyrdroflask goes everywhere with me, but I need to fill it up a few more times a day.


In addition to my swelling feet I’m having some painful skin irritation issues. I mean, my skin hurts. This is one of the unfortunate effects of being plus-size in New Orleans during the overbearing heat of Summer. It’s hard to exercise because right now it hurts to move, but the only way this will ever go away is if I lose weight and have excess skin removed. It’s frustrating, but it’s reality. Now would be the perfect time to find a primary care doctor, but I still haven’t attempted to do that.

I’ve had a stellar week, but I’m looking forward to the quiet time that Friday brings. My favorite thing about Fridays is the time I spend alone reading and praying in the morning. I think it’s important to pray and read everyday, but I like the habit of quiet, ¬†uninterrupted time that I’ve developed over the last several months. I’ll also do some grocery shopping, and maybe I’ll even make time for some arts and crafts.

There’s a lot going on in my life, but it’s mostly good stuff. I’m happy, and I’m moving in a positive direction. I took it easy this week because I’ve been in so much pain, but I’m looking forward to doing some cardio this weekend. I’ll probably give myself one more rest day.

If you’re reading this I hope you’re doing well too. Until next time…




Back To New York

It’s been quite a long time since I made a trip back to New York. ¬†I went several times in 2012, but when I moved into my apartment later that year, I started loving my life here. ¬†I didn’t spend much time thinking about New York, and that was an unexpected relief.

I’ve grown and healed so much since I left that place, and I am (thankfully) no longer convinced that it’s the only place in which I can be happy. ¬†I’m happy in New Orleans. ¬†I love the life that I’m living here, and it makes me wonder how I’ll feel when I’m back in New York.

Will I¬†remember the intense love that I once had for the city? ¬†Will I wish that I was staying longer, or that I didn’t have to get on a plane to return home? ¬†Will I be as anxious to get back to New Orleans as I am when I travel to other places?

When I left New York and moved across the country, I had no idea that I would go through the things that have led me to this point in my life. ¬†I thought I would desperately miss New York, and for a long time I did. ¬†Now it’s a place that carries a lot of incredible memories for me, and lately I’ve wondered whether or not it will be more than that again.

People used to ask me why I loved New York, and I always explained that I just breathe differently there. ¬†I explained that my heart was at rest there in a way, in which it hadn’t been in other places, and I wonder if I’ll feel that way again.

I think I’ve subconsciously avoided New York over the last year or more¬†because, on some level, I’m worried that I’ll miss it when I leave, but it’s important to know where you want to be. ¬†Right now, I’m content in New Orleans, and I’m content in worrying about the future later. ¬†We’ll see if heading back to my favorite place changes that‚Ķ.

Is there a place in the world that always makes you feel at home whether you live there or not? ¬†If so, where’s that place for you?


Putting It Out There

Last week I wrote about the positive changes that have occurred in my life over the last couple of years. ¬†After years of feeling unsettled, I finally have a happy little routine. ¬†My life isn’t perfect, but I am definitely moving in ¬†the right direction in many areas. ¬†I’m happy with myself and my day to day life.

I find myself saying “thank you” when I think about the things that finally feel right again, and I’m sincere. ¬†I just want to look different. ¬†I suppose I want to feel different too (even though it’s hard to imagine feeling better than I do.) ¬†I know that my health should always be a priority, and I just want to finish what I started.

I used to exercise whether I wanted to or not, but I have lacked consistency in that lately. ¬†In the last 30 days, ¬†I have done Bikram yoga several times. ¬†I have also done Zumba and various forms of cardio, but I’m not doing as much as I should be doing. ¬†That’s easy enough to change though. ¬†I don’t mind the workouts – particularly after I remember how great I feel when I do it, but the food part is harder for me.

It is no secret that I eat more than I should. ¬†I don’t binge eat, but I eat a few hundred calories more than I should in order to lose weight almost everyday. ¬†I’m not sure if one is worse than the other, but I know that I’m not giving myself a chance to get it right.

Earlier this year I realized that I let my weight (and prior weight-loss) define me as a human-being. ¬†I often wish I could walk into a room wearing a sign that says “Yeah, I need to lose weight. ¬†I know, but I used to be much bigger than this.” ¬†I wish I could explain that I’m happier with my life than I’ve been in years (except for the obesity part.)

I’m not sure if this is the time in which I’ll get it right or not, but I’m going to keep trying. ¬†I did some healthy things for myself last month, and I’m going to do more this month. ¬†I’m not going to post any lofty goals today, but I’m going to make some small changes this month and go from there.

I took a photo of myself on my 33rd birthday (last Friday) because I love the dress I was wearing – and because I’m working to make some healthy physical changes so that I can look and feel exponentially different in my 34th birthday photo.

kenlie - weight-loss birthday - 33 - new orelans

No one can take away the things that bring me joy now because they come from inside of me. ¬†They come from knowing that through my faults, I still have to ability to make progress. ¬†I also find a lot of joy in the progress that I’ve made within my mind because it seems impossible to fix the outside without fixing the inside first.

I have forgiven myself for the mistakes I’ve made in the past, and I am looking forward to a future in which I will look back at this photo and say thank you again…