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A Breakfast Question For You…

I’m still not feeling 100%, but I felt good enough for some treadmill intervals yesterday.  There’s more cardio on the agenda this morning too, but I’m making breakfast first.

Most of us agree that breakfast is the undisputed meal of champions, right?  We know that we’re supposed to eat it to get our day off to a good start.

My question today is:

What do you eat for breakfast?  Do you eat the same thing everyday, or do you change it up?

I’m going through an oatmeal and boiled egg phase right now.  The oatmeal and added protein helps me feel satisfied all morning.


What about you?  What are you eating?

Breakfast Matters

As I write this post, I am eating vanilla Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries and blueberries.  I eat it almost every morning because it’s a good P+ value, delicious and easy.  Sometimes I eat a cup (225g) and sometimes only 1/2 cup (112g) plus a serving of fruit or two.

225 g plus fruit = 5 p+

I’ve never been a fan of breakfast.  Seriously…if I could wait to eat until 4pm everyday, I would.  And for years, I did just that.  I didn’t understand why my weight continued to creep up when I spent half of the day not eating.  It never occurred to me that I was doing myself more harm than good by not eating breakfast.

I was (am) morbidly obese so, in my mind, it made sense that I should skip a meal or two.  After all, strangers (and people I knew) often made jokes out of me by saying I should do just that.  I skipped breakfast regularly, and I didn’t feel hungry.  I did, however, feel tired and lethargic though I didn’t understand that eating breakfast could (and would) eventually change that.

Then I joined Weight Watchers, and I quickly learned that breakfast was “essential.”  My WW leader praised the benefits of breakfast and insisted that it was necessary to jump-start my metabolism.  So I began eating breakfast (a little begrudgingly because I preferred to save as many points for the evening as I could.)  I began eating a banana then grew into egg whites with toast then ventured into breakfast cereals like Fiber One Honey Clusters and Kashi GoLean Crunch.  I also fell in love with Special K chocolate protein shakes. Yum!

And after a few months of healthy eating (including a balanced breakfast) I started losing weight, but I also noticed that I had more energy (particularly in the afternoon) and less cravings throughout the day.  At that moment, I was sold, and I’ve been eating breakfast ever since.

At this point, eating breakfast is part of my daily routine.  It still has to be easy (no more early morning egg white omelets for me) and nutritious and quick because I still get queasy at the thought of eggs before noon.  I just know that breakfast is an essential part of healthy living, and I want to give my body the tools it needs to reach my goals.

And because Attune Foods knows the importance of breakfast, they have invited me to take part in an 8-week breakfast swap.  Starting next week, I’ll be swapping out my regular breakfast (currently vanilla Greek yogurt and fresh berries) for a bowl of Uncle Sam’s cereal.

I was hesitant to take part in this swap because one serving of Uncle Sam Original is worth 5 P+ on Weight Watchers plus milk, and I’m still pretty hesitant to spend that much on breakfast.  But the cereal is filled with protein, fiber and other nutrients so I’m going to give it a shot.

I’ll be blogging about it at AttuneFoods.com along with my friends, Jess and Mel.  If you don’t know Jess and Mel you should because they’re awesome!  You can click on their names above to check them out!

Attune Foods will provide me with cereal for the swap, but my thoughts and opinions on the swap will me mine…and they will be authentic.  During the swap, I’ll be offering up some fun opportunities for several of you to try Uncle Sam as well so stay tuned and get ready for some early morning, breakfast fun.

Now tell me…Do you eat breakfast everyday?  If so, what do you eat?