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I’ve Finally Lost Enough To Wear Jeans from Lane Bryant

I’m sitting at my laptop with a glass of sparkling water after a lovely day with Michael and Mom, and I want to talk about clothes right now. It’s crazy to think that I had to lose nearly 100 pounds before being able to wear jeans from Lane Bryant, but that’s reality. It’s sad, but true.

The number on the scale finally seems to be moving again, at least a little, and I’m knocking on the door of 100 pounds lost. There’s something about that number that makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something, particularly since I’m so close to it at my 6-month mark. I’m not sure if I’ll hit that number goal before March 28th. Actually, I don’t know if I’ll even weigh in on that day because I already feel like I’m experiencing success.

Michael and I went to Mom’s house recently, and I pulled out several pairs of jeans that haven’t fit in the last several years. There are some that are still one size too small, but several of them already fit again. I even have a couple pairs from Avenue that are smaller in size. (I’m thankful they were around when nothing from LB worked!)

The number inside the jeans doesn’t matter too much though. It’s just a good feeling to know I’m back on a healthier track, and it’s even cooler to see the evidence of that in my clothing! A couple of weeks ago I cleaned out my closet and got rid of several bags of clothes that are too big now. Whew!

Now I need to find tops. I love tunics and long cardigans because they typically make me feel more put together than a simple shirt. I also have a long torso, so it can be challenging finding shirts that are long enough even when they fit everywhere else.

I am currently using GwynnieBee to supplement my wardrobe. I wear dresses to work frequently, and I love closeting items that are a size smaller than the last ones. I seriously need to take pictures in the dresses because several of them have been adorable! They’re great for dresses, but I rarely closet tops there because I like to have complete outfits when my boxes arrive. Does anyone else here use GwynnieBee?

It’s hard to express how good it feels to wear clothes that were way too small. I regretted gaining too much weight to wear them for quite some time, but now I choose to focus on the fact that I’m getting smaller and feeling healthier once again.

Now I’m going to finish my relaxing glass of sparkly and prepare for a long day at the office tomorrow.



Does Anyone Here Use GwynnieBee?

I like to feel good about myself, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone here. 😉  My hands and feet are well-manicured, and I do my best to wear outfits that flatter my body as it is now.  I don’t take risks with my wardrobe often because I don’t like going back to a store to return things when I decide against them later.

My clothing and style choices have taken a hit over the last several months because I refuse to buy a larger size even though I’ve gained over 20 pounds since the fall.  I’m working to take it off, and I’m not going to invest in bigger jeans, dresses or anything else.  Over the last few weeks I have seen a bit of movement on the scale, and I’m determined to need smaller sizes, not bigger ones.

Buying fashionable, flattering clothes isn’t cheap when you’re plus-size.  It would be easy to spend over a thousand dollars for a week’s worth of new digs so when I heard about GwynnieBee.com, I was intrigued.  I’ve seen the name on twitter and Facebook many times, but I decided to try it when I learned that Skinny Emmie is a subscriber.  She always looks fashionable and well-groomed, and when I learned that I could try a month completely risk-free, I signed up.  (Thanks, Emmie!)

Later this week, I will received three pieces from GwynnieBee.  In addition to cleaning, they pay for shipping both ways, and there’s no time limit on the garments so I can wear them as long as I want to.  I have filled my virtual closet with shirts, dresses and cardigans by Kiyonna, Igigi and several other brands that I adore.

According to GwynnieBee, I should expect a package by the end of the week.  If there’s something I don’t like, or something I want to return after wearing only once, I’ll place it in an envelope, notify them and wait for my next package!  If you took a peek inside my virtual closet, you would find a tunic that I plan to wear with black leggings and a variety of styles and colors – even some lace!

I’m really looking forward to seeing what GwynnieBee can do to enhance my wardrobe.  I ordered some new staple pieces from one of my favorite brands, Sealed with a Kiss, over the weekend too so there’s going to be a party in my mailbox!  Now I just need to find a party to go to so I can wear something pretty.

Has anyone here tried GwynnieBee?  If so, what are your thoughts?  If not, would you try a service like it?