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The Post Mardi Gras, Good Grief I Need To Get It Together, Valentine’s Day Blues, Or Something Like That

I’ve sat down to blog several times lately, and I’ve been almost immediately distracted by other things. I wanted to share the details of my food intake during the week of Mardi Gras. In short, I ate a lot of random junk that can barely be considered food. If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen the fried Oreos that my neighbor delivered to me during my afternoon nap. You may have also noticed that I enjoyed King cake with friends on more than one occasion.

king cake sucre new orleans

This city shuts down for Mardi Gras. It’s amazing. Stores close, and everyone goes to parades…lots and lots of parades. The revelry lasts for two weeks, and people take it very seriously. I had more fun this year because I found a way to get back to my apartment while avoiding most of the traffic. (This isn’t easy to do when you live at one of the most popular parts of the parade route.) I also went to a couple of parades with co-workers who have become friends, a former colleague and friend and the guy I started dating recently. My favorite neighbor spent a lot of time with me during the week too, and I got very little accomplished. On Mardi Gras Day (Fat Tuesday) I brought Christopher to Starbucks with me, and we met several of my friends there and played board games all afternoon. It was such a simple day, but I loved every minute of it.

My friend, Andrew, who was here in New Orleans for over a week, returned home to New York late last week. And Christopher  is there right now for work, so I took the opportunity to get some sleep, clean house, spend time with people who matter to me and to consider meals for the next few days.

Mardi Gras consists of 14 days of over-indulgence, coupled with time off, but it’s over now. Thankfully, Valentine’s Day is over too. Every year I feel so much pressure to be loved on that day, and every year I feel positively ridiculous about that. I know that I’m loved everyday by my family and friends and Jesus. I’m also happy that I’ve met someone who’s smart, handsome and easy to talk to and makes me laugh until my face hurts, but the pressure of this holiday is way too intense for something so new. Instead of going out on a date, I spent today singing love songs at an assisted living home near my church. They ate ice cream sundaes, and we had some awesome conversations.  The idea was to serve and honor the lovely people there, but they ended up blessing me far more than I could have blessed them.

I’m ready to get back into the healthy groove that I’ve been carving out lately because I feel so much better when I’m doing good things for my body. I spent a lot of time discussing healthy recipes and nutritious lifestyles with one of my favorite people this weekend, and I feel motivated to consume healthy and delicious meals this week. I’ve also caught up on some sleep that I’ve been missing lately, which feels great.

It’s a new week, and I’m ready to make it a good one. I’m taking on more responsibility at work this week, which means I’ll have more opportunities to exercise. I also have my food planned out for Monday and Tuesday. Bring on the quinoa, black beans and chicken! It’s crawfish season too, and I’m already loving that!


Is anyone else fighting to get back into the groove this week?







Richard Simmons’ Project HOPE

Earlier this week a reporter from a national news organization e-mailed me to ask about my current weight and the progress I’ve made recently.  It was hard to admit that I didn’t have an awesome update for her, but I told her to check back in a few months because I’ll have something more interesting to say.

I have been trying to figure out how to move forward.  My workouts have been solid so far this year, but my eating has been inconsistent.  Some days I don’t eat enough, and most days I eat too much.  I’ve lacked direction for well over a year, but in my heart I still believe that I can do this.  And last night I decided to commit to 90 days of healthy eating and exercising. That won’t take me to my goal, but right now inching forward would be enough.

If you read my blog often, you know that I absolutely adore Richard Simmons, and over the last couple of years I’ve had the opportunity to sweat at Slimmons.  His workouts are intense, but they’re also so much fun!  I’ve never enjoyed working out as much as when I’m working out with Richard which is why “Party Off the Pounds” has been my favorite workout DVD since I purchased it in 2010.


Now Richard has launched a 90-day progressive system called Project HOPE.  I recorded the infomercial because I was curious and because my pal, KeepItUpDavid, is featured in it.  He has lost 165 pounds with Richard, and if you go to his blog, you’ll learn that every part of his life has been affected for the better.

Last night when I came home I skipped watching White Collar and watched Richard’s infomercial instead, and  before it was over I had purchased the 90-day plan.


I know that I need help, and I know that I need to get a grip on my food habits.  I do well for a few days, but I lack the consistency that I once had.  I lack the confidence and the hope that I used to know would take me to my ultimate goal.  I know that I need to have faith in myself, but I have struggled to find it.

In order to lose weight I need to believe that I can regain control over my food choices.  I need to feel hope again, and Richard has given it to people around the world for almost 40 years.  I own many of his workout DVD’s, but this new program offers more than that.  In addition to several workouts, I will also receive a food plan and recipes that are satisfying, filling and nutritious.  Working out can be fun, and I’m looking forward to enjoying healthy foods too.

Getting to my ultimate goal still feels nearly impossible, but I do believe that I can make significant improvements over 90 days with Richard’s workout and Food Mover programs.  I’ve gotten better at eating at home, and with some direction and a short-term goal, I think I will find success.  And one thing I’ve learned is that success breeds more success.

I know that while Richard can provide the tools, I will have to make the effort to move forward myself.  Ninety days won’t take me to a healthy weight, but it will take me a lot closer to my goal than I’ve been in a long, long time.


My Day at McCormick

The Suit and I arrived in Baltimore safely and right on time yesterday, and it has been non-stop since we arrived!  Immediately upon check-in we left to visit the McCormick facility just outside of Baltimore, and we had an incredible experience there.

They welcomed about 100 folks from Fitbloggin’ by serving us an incredibly delicious lunch.  It was healthy, beautifully displayed and satisfying!  I don’t know how to describe my meal except to say that it was a plate of awesome.

It was so cool to visit a place that had so much incredible food that I could eat without guilt! 🙂  And they showed us how to do it too which means I’m going to go home and try.  Do you think I can make it look like this?

The photo above is the first thing I plan to make in my new apartment.  It’s a ribbon salad make of zucchini and yellow squash.  The tomatoes and herbs make it incredible even though it’s easy.

After lunch and before dessert (yes, dessert!) we learned a lot about the synergy of foods and flavors and the importance of eating foods you love.  That’s why we eat food, right?


I was blown away by the chefs’ abilities to make food so flavorful, and I’m going to start practicing what I learned to make my own “plate of awesome.”

What’s your favorite way to spice up healthy foods?