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Friend Makin’ Mondays: All About Family

This week’s FMM is coming to you from Colorado! I came out to celebrate my niece’s 7th birthday, and, as always, we had a great time together.

Auntie auntie and h

The theme of her party was the “Wizard of Oz,” so I baked ruby slipper cookies. We played games and ran around in the snow, and I’m already looking forward to seeing them over the summer.

wizard of oz cookies ruby slipper

snow feet

This long weekend was all about family for me, so naturally, FMM is going to be all about family too.


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All About Family

1. How many siblings do you have? Tell us about them. I have one sister. She’s a teacher, and she’s married to a cool guy. They have two daughters, who just happen to be my favorite little people in the world.
2. Do you have kids? If so, how many? Nope, but I have two awesome nieces. I adore them!
3. Share one thing you love about each of your parents. My mom would do anything for me, and she requires nothing in return…ever. Dad and I don’t always agree politically, but it’s a lot of fun to talk about it with them.
4. How close do you live to your nearest relative? I live about an hour and a half from my mom, which is awesome.
5. Does your family have any particular traditions that you’d hate to miss? If so, what are they? I just enjoy being around my family, so I take every opportunity I can to spend time with them.
6. Share an odd fact about your childhood. When I was really young we lived in Louisiana, but I didn’t grow up there. We traveled across Lake Pontchartrain to visit family, and for a while I had a recurring dream about trees quickly growing up from the water and snakes dangling from them. I also thought the lake was loaded with sharks.
7. Did you have pets when you were growing up? Do you have any now? If so, tell us about them. I had kittens, and I even had a dog once as a kid. I’d love to have another cocker spaniel, but my home and lifestyle just aren’t conducive to it. Many people around me do it, but I plan to wait until I no longer live in a high-rise building.

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Happy Monday!


My Public Statement

I don’t talk about GOD on my blog everyday, but I have mentioned all of the changes that have occurred in me lately.  I’ve experienced life in a completely different way, and one of the biggest differences lies in the fact that I know that GOD loves me.   I believe in Him, and I believe that He lives in me.  It’s weird for me to say things like that so openly because if you’ve followed my blog very long, then you may know that I didn’t always feel that way.

I was baptized in Lake Pontchartrain Sunday afternoon.  I was baptized when I was a kid, but I did it again because I’ve spent the last several months in a totally renewed relationship with GOD.  I was so excited to publicly acknowledge my relationship with Him and my desire to commit myself to Him, and I think it’s important to do it here because I’ve committed so much of myself to this blog over the last four and a half years.  After more than a decade of feeling as though I didn’t need Him, it feels amazing to know that He is for me.

Kenlie Nola Church

Growing up as a preacher’s kid, I saw the worst parts of the church, and as a result, I turned away from GOD.  I could not have been more condescending about church goers if I tried, and I didn’t understand why anyone would waste their time surrounded by such hypocrisy and judgement.  Those things summed up church for me, and I blamed GOD for it.

Over the last few months, I have written about my desire to cultivate my relationship with Him.  I was not looking for a church home, nor did I have any interest in getting to know GOD in my adult life.  I thought I was content in making the changes that I needed to make for myself, then something happened.  I felt His presence, and I began to pray.

I asked GOD to show Himself to me, and He did.  Through prayer I found myself feeling comfort and contentment and strength that I’ve never experienced before, and people in my life started noticing a difference.  I started noticing a difference, and I needed to acknowledge it out loud so I went into a cold lake and made that statement.  (That’s my pastor, Monte Young, next to me in the middle of the photo below.)

Monte Young Kenlie Baptism Lake Pontchartrain

My outside self hasn’t changed or moved forward with weight-loss in ages, but everything is different.  I am different.    I’m constantly amazed by the love and the grace that I’ve received while I was so undeserving.  I’m still imperfect, but I’ve been set free.

If you’re still reading this post, you don’t have to worry.  I have no plans to become a pious, judgmental Bible thumper who gets spiritual about everything.  I’m still the same flawed person who is struggling to finish what I started.  I’m not going to preach to you everyday, but I am going to pray for you.  I believe that GOD  loves everyone one of us, and I want you to experience the peace that comes in knowing Him.

The more I seek Him, the more I realize that He was always there.  I am loved.  I am forgiven.  I am redeemed, and I am blessed.  I could never put into words how thankful I am for his never-ending grace, and I sincerely hope and pray that you will allow Him to work in your life too….