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I’ve Finally Lost Enough To Wear Jeans from Lane Bryant

I’m sitting at my laptop with a glass of sparkling water after a lovely day with Michael and Mom, and I want to talk about clothes right now. It’s crazy to think that I had to lose nearly 100 pounds before being able to wear jeans from Lane Bryant, but that’s reality. It’s sad, but true.

The number on the scale finally seems to be moving again, at least a little, and I’m knocking on the door of 100 pounds lost. There’s something about that number that makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something, particularly since I’m so close to it at my 6-month mark. I’m not sure if I’ll hit that number goal before March 28th. Actually, I don’t know if I’ll even weigh in on that day because I already feel like I’m experiencing success.

Michael and I went to Mom’s house recently, and I pulled out several pairs of jeans that haven’t fit in the last several years. There are some that are still one size too small, but several of them already fit again. I even have a couple pairs from Avenue that are smaller in size. (I’m thankful they were around when nothing from LB worked!)

The number inside the jeans doesn’t matter too much though. It’s just a good feeling to know I’m back on a healthier track, and it’s even cooler to see the evidence of that in my clothing! A couple of weeks ago I cleaned out my closet and got rid of several bags of clothes that are too big now. Whew!

Now I need to find tops. I love tunics and long cardigans because they typically make me feel more put together than a simple shirt. I also have a long torso, so it can be challenging finding shirts that are long enough even when they fit everywhere else.

I am currently using GwynnieBee to supplement my wardrobe. I wear dresses to work frequently, and I love closeting items that are a size smaller than the last ones. I seriously need to take pictures in the dresses because several of them have been adorable! They’re great for dresses, but I rarely closet tops there because I like to have complete outfits when my boxes arrive. Does anyone else here use GwynnieBee?

It’s hard to express how good it feels to wear clothes that were way too small. I regretted gaining too much weight to wear them for quite some time, but now I choose to focus on the fact that I’m getting smaller and feeling healthier once again.

Now I’m going to finish my relaxing glass of sparkly and prepare for a long day at the office tomorrow.



Plus-Size Sports Bras and Activewear

When you shop in the plus-size section like I do, it can be frustrating to find workout clothes.

It’s ironic, isn’t it?  With all of the fat-shaming and “eat less, move more” crap that we hear in society you would think that there would be a larger selection of gym appropriate plus-size clothing from which to choose.  Alas, that’s not the case at all so I find myself searching online for sports bras that will support and flatter while I jump around like a maniac at the gym.  (What? I can’t be the only person who wants to feel at least mildly cute and secure when I’m working out!)

Recently, I purchased my first Reebok dri-fit set from Lane Bryant’s new exercise line, and I’ve loved it so far.  Wearing this outfit makes me feel like working out which is a cool feeling, but I workout several times a week so I need to have a little variety when I hit the gym.

Love my Reebok activewear....

I’m picky about my clothes, and most often I find myself wearing my long-sleeve Saints shirt with cotton pants that I bought for 3 bucks at Old Navy to workout.  And some days I’m fine with that, but I have been in desperate need of new sports bras so I tried a new brand this week.

Marika Sports Bra

I found these Marika sports bras on Lane Bryant’s website after spotting a similar one on a girl at the gym last week.  I ordered one in white and one with pink while they were Buy One, Get One 1/2 Off, and I also used a Lane bryant coupon code so they came to under $20 per bra.

Oops! I was making a ridiculous face, but the bra is what's important today.

After wearing my white sports bra today (with proper attire over it, of course) I have to say that I love it, and I wish I had several.  It did its job by offering support without being cumbersome like sports bras I’ve tried in the past.

I know that I need to continue to build my workout attire, but I’m happy to have found such a great foundation in these sports bras.  They are so much better than the ones I was wearing before!

What’s your favorite brand for plus-size athletic wear?  Can anyone fill me in on what I might be missing in the world of plus-size fitness apparel?


That Was Quick

I flew to New York Sunday evening then returned to New Orleans Monday night, and it was a busy 24 hours!  When the rain finally stopped it was still cold and gloomy so I’m glad I brought my coat!  When I was in New York in March I tweeted about scoring a coat at Lane Bryant that was originally $200.00 for only ten dollars, but I forgot to post a photo.

It was originally $200.00, and I paid $10.00! Score!

I bought a size 22/24 even though it was slightly snug thinking that I could wear it during next season’s chilly temps, but it kept me warm yesterday.  It also kept my dress from flying up in the breeze!  🙂  I’m glad I took Mom’s advice when she said to bring my coat because I hadn’t planned on it.

When I arrived at home last night I was greeted with a package containing six bottles of nail lacquer from OPI.  Actually, they’re from a friend who works for OPI.  I knew she was sending a color that I’ve been trying to find for months, but she sent five additional colors as well.  And must understand me because every color is incredible!  I want to paint my nails with every color today, but I’ll try to stick to one.  😉

Which one should I choose first?!?

The next couple of weeks are going to be busy as I prepare for finals.  Tomorrow’s class will be devoted to preparing for the final next week.   And I have to work on an important paper for my Monday class.   I can’t believe it’s already that time of year!  It feels like my classes just started!

What’s happening in your world today?  Will you workout?  What’s for dinner?

What Do You Do With Your Old Clothes?

After writing Wednesday’s post (just before bed Tuesday night) I woke up feeling much more rested than I have in the last week or so, and I think that’s a good sign though I plan to speak to the doctor today or tomorrow.  I appreciated the comments yesterday.  I always do, of course, but some of them yesterday made me laugh, a couple made me cringe and a few made me think that I should contact the doc so I am.

And now, on to other things…I received an email recently asking what I do with my clothes when they’re too big.  And I’ll share my answer, but I’d love to hear yours too.

What do you do with your clothes when they become too big?  Do you keep them, or do you get rid of them?

I’m not a fan of clutter.  I really don’t like it at all so when clothes get too big, they do not stay in my closet very long.  I’ve lost 10 to 12 clothing sizes since the beginning of my journey, and I’ve given away almost all of the old clothing.  I did, however, keep a pair of khaki pants and a few other pieces of clothing from my heaviest weight because I like to look at them when I feel like I haven’t done enough.  And I want to have that moment someday…You know, the moment that you hold them up to show what you wore before.

I think it’s important to recognize how far we’ve come so keeping a piece or two of clothing is a fantastic idea, but I don’t keep it all because I have no desire to go back.  Why even leave that option open?  Instead, I wear clothes that fit and flatter my shape now.  I picked up a few stellar pieces at Lane Bryant today with the help of  Danny, a fashion designer for LB that I plan to see again when I’m back in New York in January.

I have pretty good taste in clothes (humble, aren’t I?)  So it’s fun to share with friends and strangers who can benefit from the larger sizes.  I typically share with friends first, and if I can’t find someone who wants what I’m sharing, I donate it.

What do you do with your old clothes?  Do you enjoy the process?

Internal Reset

I’m finally starting to dig out of the hole I’ve been in during the last couple of weeks, and while I have used feeling guilty about feeling happy as an excuse to eat poorly and skip workouts over the last several days, I’m done.  That line of thinking isn’t getting me anywhere (that I want to be) so everything starts new right now.

Last week, I expressed to Cal that I felt bloated and completely yucky because I had eaten crap for a few days in a row which was really, more accurately, a few weeks in a row. And he offered to help me turn it around if I wanted him to, and he started by reminding my how much I love egg whites and veggies Sunday morning.  We were in a rush to get to Uncle W’s memorial service, but instead of grabbing marshmallow treats, he helped me chop zucchini and tomatoes for egg white omelets to go.  My day started strong, but it went downhill when I saw the cupcakes at the dinner after the memorial.  I ate the cupcake with the understanding that I was emotionally eating it and decided that my next decision would be healthy.

Monday, I experienced a flawless day of eating.  Everything I ate was unprocessed, and I ate more vegetables than I ate in the week prior (maybe not literally.)  Eating that way makes me feel phenomenal, by the way.  And my intake yesterday wasn’t as bad as the week prior, but there’s a lot of room for improvement today.  For lunch, I ate out then Cal made a delicious dinner for me featuring some of my favorite things – chicken breast, spinach, garlic, etc over a little penne pasta.  It was delicious, and I was totally giddy and focused on him for hours in spite of a few interruptions.  He lives two hours away, but we both get good gas mileage (thankfully) so I get to see  him pretty often, and I have to say that I really like this guy.  Just saying.

He made it, and it was good...Mmmm...

My weigh-in isn’t until tomorrow, but I’m restarting now.  I have to.  I want to.   Stepping on the scale will not be a pleasant experience tomorrow, but I’d still rather own up to it than hide from it.  I hid for a long time – from the mirror, from the scale…and that’s not how I do things now.  That unhappy girl who lived with shame for years left when I began this journey in 2009, and she’s not coming back.  Today is a new day, and I’m hitting my internal reset button right now.

In September, I thought I was back on track, and I was.  Then life threw another big, emotional curve ball, and I turned to food and exhibited some habits that I’m not proud of…but guess what.  I can reverse my habits again, and I will keep working on the inside (through my WW meetings, my therapy sessions and some good ‘ole self-reflection) to understand why I still turn to food during sad times, happy times, anytime…  And I’ll be working through it in jeans that are a size smaller.  I bought a new pair of jeans yesterday that were a size smaller than my last pair that are almost identical!  After trying on several pairs in my new size, I accepted that my body is shrinking again.  And that is so encouraging!

Last week, my friend Jodi, asked me if I was a compulsive eater.  (She has lost as much as I need to lose, and kept it off!)  And I said that I really wasn’t sure so probably not, but maybe I am.  Maybe it’s been obvious to everyone except me.  Either way, I’m going to keep working on my relationship with food.  And I’m going to keep digging until I understand why I thought I could be comforted by it even when I was comforted by my family and a tall, brilliant guy who was willing to hug me and kiss away my tears all weekend.

While I’ve reflected on these things, I’ve been at the gym this week, and I’ve been on my bike.  And I love being on that bicycle so I am setting some new bike focused goals for the week in addition to my cardio and weights habit.


I’m trying. I’m trying. I’m trying……….and I’m going to keep trying.

Do You Shop at Lane Bryant?

I love Lane Bryant, and I can’t resist them when they offer 40% off of nearly everything in stores and online!  And in addition to 40% off,  you can also earn Real Women dollars which is, of course, awesome!

Over the last year, I’ve scored a few incredible dresses at LB that make me feel feminine, whistful and put together.  And I have a feeling that it’s going to happen again soon. 😉  My eyes are on this maxi dress and this convertible maxi dress.  I also adore this swimsuit that has a built-in under wire and these lace cork wedge heels

Where do you shop?  Do you prefer shopping in-store or online?

Worth It

My workouts have not been a struggle this week. I’ve gotten them done relatively painlessly. There’s just something about getting new (heavier) weights that excites me, and I couldn’t wait to use them. Yesterday, however, was a different story.

Wednesday was one of those days in which I worked out in the pool in the afternoon hoping I could convince myself I had done enough knowing I had not. My heart was definitely pumping in the pool, but I needed to do more cardio and weight training so I did – after midnight.

A few days ago I was feeling impatient about my weight-loss progress, but the rewards of my diligence was enhanced yesterday when I bought new clothes. I bought a new pair of jeans, and while I enjoy shopping in general, I enjoyed this trip because I had to buy jeans in a smaller size. I shopped at Lane Bryant (where sizes and cuts tend to run much smaller than other plus-size stores like Avenue.) And I know I’ve talked about going in to buy smaller sizes there before, but it just doesn’t get old. And knowing that I can wear jeans that are no longer the largest size is a big deal! Just saying.

Before Lane Bryant I went to Avenue where I was able to buy an adorable dusty purple button-up shirt that will look great belted or left open over a tank. Yes..sometimes I wear over shirts. 😉 And I found a few other items while I was out that made me feel pretty so shopping was a success. 😉

Days like yesterday are filled with undeniable proof that I’m headed in the right direction. I go through ups and downs, but the fact remains that I have the power to change myself from the inside out which is exactly what I’m doing.

Today is weigh-in day, and I’m always nervous. But I’m also confident about the direction in which I’m headed. And I’m looking forward to the day when my new jeans are too big too. 😉

In other news, I logged 14 glasses of water today though I think I may have had 16 glasses. It got hazy after 14 so I’ll call it. Either way, I’m feeling good about it.

One last thing…I’ve decided that I definitely want to try Spanx, and now that I know that many of you wear them I want your input. There are so many options! What should be my first piece? I’d love to try this full body one, but for $88 I need to know it’s spectacular. Has anyone tried it?

Just Thinking Out Loud

I’ve been losing weight pretty consistently for over a year, and I’ve made a lot of progress so far. But on days like yesterday I find it hard to accept that I still have so far to go. I mean, I’m not interested in quitting. There is no option in my mind except to continue moving forward. But it’s tough to know that I’ve come so far and still have so far to go.

Then I remember how easy it was to jog on the treadmill at 4mph for 8 minutes yesterday. To some that’s no big deal, but to me it’s an awesome accomplishment. I also remember how hard it was to shop for clothes only a year ago because I had to squeeze into the largest sizes in the plus-size stores.

I think about how I used to long to ride a bicycle and how I can now ride mine anytime I want to. I also think about April of 2009, shortly after it all began. I was traveling to meet my niece who would be born hours before my arrival. I remember walking back into the rental car company (in the snowstorm) to ask for a car that had more room in the driver’s seat because I just didn’t fit. I remember the anxiety I used to feel each time I stepped foot on an airplane…and how awful I felt every time I had to ask to be seated in a different spot because I wouldn’t fit into the booth at a restaurant.

(Reading to my newborn niece in April of 2009 – 12 pounds into my weight-loss.)

I think about how hard it used to be to walk – waddle is a more accurate description. And I remember the constant anxiety I’d feel because I fell so often. I even fell down the stairs more than once.

(Now I don’t think twice about carrying her around the store because I’m strong and my balance is good.)

I think about how hard it used to be to walk – waddle is a more accurate description. And I remember the constant anxiety I’d feel because I fell so often. I even fell down the stairs more than once.

These are all things that no longer happen because I’ve lost over 100 pounds. Life is better; I am better. I control my habits, and I own them. Whether my choices are good or bad, I take responsibility for them. And I take pride in that.

So while I still have a long road to my goal, I am so much closer than I imagined I’d be when I started. I hoped I’d do well on this journey, and now I can look at myself and say that I have.

I’m proud of who I am today and confident in the person I’m becoming. Today I know that my goals are within reach. After all, I’m almost halfway there! It’s not just a wish anymore…it is my reality. Weight-loss is a mental challenge so instead of thinking about what I have not yet accomplished, I choose to be proud of everything I have accomplished. And just like that, I feel better again. 😉

I drank 18 glasses of water yesterday, and I’m feeling pretty good about that too! =) Check out this photo of Sean’s adorable mom as she rocks the water challenge. Isn’t she cute?! I can’t wait to hug her! 🙂 And don’t forget to send in your own water photo so we can show the world (or, ya know, the people who read our blogs) that we are committed to staying hydrated.

And because the PEWC is going so well Sean jokingly suggested that we consider having an ice cream cone challenge. I think we’re already all over that challenge Sean. Ha.. Our photos are proof. We should probably just stick to the water challenge, at least officially, right? 🙂

(I would guess that this cone was closer to 180 calories than 150. It was bigger than usual – and sooooo tasty!)

How’s everyone doing today? What’s for lunch? And what will you do to burn calories today? I hope whatever you’re doing, you’re making the most of your Tuesday!

Bottoms up Friends…

Clothing Confidence

I’ve had a lot of philosophical stuff going on inside my mind tonight, and I’ll probably talk about that later. But I’m really excited about some cute clothing that I bought at Lane Bryant today. Yes, I went shopping..can you imagine? 😉 Here’s what I bought…

A denim pencil skirt…Really? I cannot tell you how excited I was when I tried it on. When I saw it on the rack I figured I’d give it a shot, but I was not expecting to like the way it looked on me. I mean, it’s a pencil skirt. The fact that I could fit into it and feel confident that I looked nice in it is just eveidence that I’ve come a long way.

I also bought this belted safari jacket because who doesn’t need a safari jacket in their closet? 😉 Doesn’t it say “hey, I’m ready to go on a lovely picnic at sunset?” Yeah…I think it does.

I also bought this knit sundress because I can’t have too many sun dresses…seriously. My favorite summer item is the sun dress because it’s the easiest, most comfortable way to achieve a flirty, put-together look. I love to feel girly and cute so it works. 😉

I considered buying Spanx today too, but I’ve always been worried that they would be a waste of money. I was too big for them last year, but now I could “comfortably” fit into them – and not even in the largest size. So should I try them? Does anyone want to admit to wearing them? And if so, do you recommend them? I also need cuter (and smaller) workout clothes before my trip later this month. Any suggestions?

It was fun to walk into Lane Bryant and walk out with items that I had to skip before. Shopping for clothes is no longer the chore that it used to be, and while my options have opened up tremendously in the last year, I know that these purchases are just the tip of the iceberg. 😉 And I’m looking forward to the day in which I can shop for clothes everywhere. Oh dear…that’s going to be fun.

No Surprise…

I’ve considered whether or not to chime in on this Lane Bryant v. ABC/Fox controversy, and I’ve decided that I will. Sadly, the reason I didn’t respond immediately is that I’m just not surprised.

A few months ago, I was out with a friend having sushi, and a stranger walked up to me only to say that I was gigantic. My response was simple…”You’re right..but if you knew me, you’d want to be me.” I held my chin up, winked and walked away, saving the sadness and anger for later.

A few weeks ago I was one of the first people in line for the Rachael Ray Show, but I was seated in the last row, and the same thing happened at The View, etc. I’m heavy. Few strangers are interested in looking my direction, and that’s not likely to change until I look drastically different. But I know who I am…I know who I’m becoming, and I am beginning to recognize the value that lies within me.

Over the last few years (including the year in which I’ve shed 25% of my body weight) I’ve been mocked and discriminated against because of my size. I’m doing the best I can do to change that, but until I’m “average” in size, I’m sure it will continue to happen.

And that leads me to my thoughts on this commercial. The beautiful model in this ad isn’t exactly fat. She’s not pre-pubescent either, but I wouldn’t mind having a body like hers today. And I’m willing to bet that I’m not the only one who feels this way.

So ABC and Fox can say whatever they want. By Monday, most will have forgotten anyway. My opinions on these networks haven’t changed. Why should they? I’ll still watch 24, and I’ll still despise reality shows. Discrimination against overweight people is no different today than it was before the ban on this commercial.